7 Reasons why you should go on a Solo Trip

If you have never been on a solo trip there are usually two reasons for it. For some, the idea of going on a trip on their own is a real challenge, is scary and uncomfortable. For some others, it is the thing they have been waiting for but haven’t had the time/money to do it. Whatever is holding you back, here are 7 Reasons why you should go on a Solo Trip. You should know I am trying to convince you. Sorry, not sorry!

  1. It is Fun

A solo trip is a friendly reminder every person needs to get out that smile and laughter that have been left behind. Because of work, the kids, your partner, and the house chores. You deserve to have some fun and going somewhere away from your daily routine will help you enjoy yourself and remember that there is a lot out there to see and explore.

  1. It is a personal therapy

Sometimes an expert or a friend is needed to help you go through life and crises, but sometimes nature and trips will do even a better job. Sometimes the answers are within yourself but you need a break to get to listen to them. I can not think of a better way than leaving behind all that emotional charge to recharge the batteries and to reconnect with yourself.

  1. It is a wonderful experience

Having a change of scenery is needed from time to time, and while travelling is a break from daily responsibilities, it is also the opportunity to visit fabulous places and see wonderful things. If we don’t create memories for ourselves, are we really living?

  1. It is your time

You have all the possibilities open to yourself, you can skip attractions, spend more time in others, and find your own rhythm. You have to adapt your schedule to no one. While in your daily life you must accommodate to other’s pace and schedules, on a solo trip you are the one who decides.

  1. It is what you want it to be

You get to drink as much as you want, sleep until whatever time you like and visit the places only you are interested in. You don’t depend on other people’s plans and you don’t have to give other reason for the things you want to do. You plan the trip that is perfect for you and when the time comes, you can also change plans as you wish. You are in control!

  1. You find yourself

It may sound a cliché but it is true, when travelling alone you find yourself and learn more about who you are. You are on your own without the distractions of your daily responsibilities, so there is a chance you get to face your own thoughts and learn to say yes to the things you value and no to the ones you want out of your life.

7. You become a citizen of the world

You learn new ways of doing things, new cultures and possibly new languages. Travelling gives you the chance to appreciate everything outside your comfort zone and gives you experiences that change your perspectives and opens up your eyes to new ideas.

Now, the only reason I see not to try it is that after you have solo travelled you will get addicted to it and you will be a truly free spirit.


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And also remember, if you are a Non-Irish living in Ireland, there is useful information in the Citizen Information website for you to check out before planning a trip abroad.


Andreina Gonzalez
Andreina Gonzalez

I am Andreina from Venezuela, I am a journalist finishing my master's degree in Journalism and Public Relations at Griffith College. I like photography, writing and calligraphy.

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