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Learning the lingo of Northern Ireland: A dictionary to Northern Irish slang

Northern Ireland

20 words and phrases to know when heading north Northern Ireland is known for many things; Giant’s Causeway, Titanic, Seamus Heaney and of course political and religious tension. However, there is one thing that goes unnoticed and ignites a lot of confusion when people first cross the border, which is Northern Ireland or ‘Norn Iron’, […]

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Tourism and Travel Post-Covid in Northern Ireland

Few industries have been affected more by the impact of Covid-19 than tourism and hospitality. Cancelled holidays and travel plans, and the shutting down of businesses have led to mass redundancies and furloughing, even in areas of Ireland you wouldn’t first think of.  In Northern Ireland, tourism accounted for one in every 15 jobs, and contributed […]

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800 new jobs for Northern Ireland

French based firm Teleperformance is set to create 800 jobs in Northern Ireland through its new call center in Co Fermanagh. The international company is expanding operations at an Enniskillen-based contact centre which it agreed to take over earlier this year. The investment has been supported by Invest NI, which has contributed with £2.5 million, […]

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