Veronica De Biasio

Veronica De Biasio

11 Irish Nobel Prize Winners

Irish Nobel prize winners

The Nobel Prize is the most important acknowledgement in the whole world annually assigned to personalities that distinguished themselves for their work and their contribution in the various fields of human knowledge, and their commitment to world peace. The prizes…

Ireland celebrates its Pride

Pride Festival in Dublin

Fabulous costumes, rainbow-themed accessories and a festive crowd, pride festivals are spectacular and brazenly entertaining. Dubliners raise their voices and show their colourful side during one of the best LGBTQ festivals in Ireland, only this time virtually.  Usually, the city…

Life after Coronavirus


Coronavirus is rewriting our life, our future and our thoughts. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, we are being forced to change old habits and mundane daily acts, such as avoiding shaking hands and touching each other. While processing the…