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Game of Thrones® in Northern Ireland – Itinerary Part 1

By Veronica De Biasio / June 2, 2020

Last year the worldwide known series Game of Thrones® ended, disappointing some fan and surprising others. The series has been known for its many locations and visual effects. Game of Thrones® took place in around 25 locations around Northern Ireland and other filming locations, such as Canada, Iceland, Malta and Spain. In this article let’s […]


Life after Coronavirus

By Veronica De Biasio / May 13, 2020

Coronavirus is rewriting our life, our future and our thoughts. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, we are being forced to change old habits and mundane daily acts, such as avoiding shaking hands and touching each other. While processing the situation, feelings of anxiety and grief are circulating over and over. Emotional repercussions will accompany […]


Stay home, stay safe? Not for everyone!

By Veronica De Biasio / April 26, 2020

You’ve heard it so many times: “Stay home, stay safe”, but how real is this catchy sentence? Sometimes, things can be a bit more complex. For some people, this motto does not fully reflect their reality. Domestic abuse victims and witnesses and those that suffer from psychological disorders are only a few of those whose […]