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Dublin City’s Lost Cultural Spaces

By Natalie Madden / September 13, 2021

Dublin has been increasingly losing beloved cultural spaces. From clubs to pubs to performance spaces, more and more social and community hubs  around the city have been driven out or torn down. In April of this year Jigsaw on Mountjoy Square, north Dublin, sadly closed its doors. This closure not only forced alternative station Dublin […]


Dublin Fringe Festival 2021 – Interview with Ruth McGowan

By Natalie Madden / September 9, 2021

The beloved arts fest Dublin Fringe Festival returns for its 27th year next week, bringing a wide range of performances in an array of spaces around Dublin. In anticipation of the festival’s opening I chatted with Ruth McGowan, the festival’s director. We talked about how COVID-19 has changed performing arts and the energy of ‘superflux,’ […]


Chronic Pain Awareness Month: Interview with artist Ciara Chapman

By Natalie Madden / September 7, 2021

In honour of International Chronic Pain Awareness Month I’ve interviewed Ciara Chapman, an artist from Cork whom I learned about through her project My Chronic Pain Diary. The project began as a form of art therapy after she began experiencing chronic pain and has now expanded into more than 100 beautiful illustrations. I had the pleasure […]


September is International Chronic Pain Awareness Month

By Natalie Madden / September 2, 2021

In early 2001, the American Chronic Pain Association established the first Chronic Pain Awareness Month campaign. The World Health Assembly (part of the World Health Organization) has since also declared September as Pain Awareness Month. Throughout September, many organisations around the world run campaigns to raise awareness of chronic pain. Here is what you need […]


The history of graffiti

By Natalie Madden / August 31, 2021

Graffiti and street art has been created since the dawn of civilisation. From cave paintings to wall murals, graffiti has always  been part of our lives. Opinions on whether it is art or vandalism have been divided for almost as long. Here is an overview on the origins and evolution of graffiti and how it’s […]


What’s on in Ireland this September

By Natalie Madden / August 25, 2021

Good news, everyone! With COVID restrictions finally easing, there are finally places to go and things to do! September is packed with activities for everyone. From arts and culture to food and music, next month is jam-packed with events all around the country. Here’s an overview of what’s on next month, with the most interesting […]