Ross Farrell

Ross Farrell

Top scary stories from Dublin

scary stories

The history of Dublin is etched into every brick and cobblestone of the city. A history of rebellion, laughter, tragedy and above all else people coming together. Yet, between the cracks, there are mysteries and fables. Legends of old that…

Multicultural Family Fun Day

Multicultural family fun day

June is all about celebrating diversity both here in Ireland and in the rest of the world. That’s why on Saturday, the 25th of June Dublin City Council and St. Patrick’s Athletic are teaming up for a special event. A…

Celtic gods you may not know about

Celtic gods

When people think of Irish religion it’s mostly likely Christianity that comes to mind, but the country actually has pagan roots which stretch back to before British colonisation. Its own rich history and mythology, complete with colourful figures, memorable stories…