Asian restaurants near you: Top Vietnamese spots in Dublin

There are a lot of hard choices to make in life and deciding on where to eat shouldn’t be one of them. The fair city of Dublin is home to a great number of eateries from all over the world, including Indian, Japanese, American and Italian. That’s right, there are a great many Asian restaurants near you! However, if you’re tired of the old staples and want to treat yourself and your friends to something a little more off-menu, as it were, then why not try some Vietnamese food? There are several wonderful Eastern restaurants near you, many of which are proud to serve up some fine cuisine from the wonderful Eastern nation of Vietnam.

Vietnamese food is often considered to be among the healthiest in the world. Easily recognisable due to its bright, fresh and colourful ingredients. When it comes to their food, the proud nation of Vietnam often incorporates ginger, bird’s eye chilli, coriander and basil into their cooking.

Thanks to Vietnam’s unique history of incorporating both Chinese and French colonists, its cultural cuisine has a unique mixture of backgrounds leading to some truly inspired tastes and flavours. Some of which have to be tried to be believed!

These are just a handful of the locations on offer, but hopefully it’s enough to whet the appetite and spark the curiosity. Enjoy!


asian restaurants near you

First up on our list is the charming Aobaba. Found on Capel street, this restaurant proudly stands out with the bold purple and green paint adorning its exterior, those being Aobaba’s signature colours. The chain was first founded along the river Thames in Kingston, and since then has spread all over England and now Ireland.

Aobaba offers noodle soup and Vietnamese baguettes made from traditional recipes, and serves those alongside its own bubble tea, of which they’re particularly proud.

Some of their best selling dishes include Prawn Rice Noodle Soup and Beef Wrapped in Piper Lolot

Address: 46A Capel St, North City, Dublin 1

Pho Ta

Next on our tour is Pho Ta. A unique little restaurant found in Temple Bar, Pho Ta has made it their mission to deliver authentic Vietnamese food that is of the freshest quality. To that end, all of their ingredients are made fresh each day and with great care.

You can get a quote straight from their website and the even better news is that Pho Ta is open till late in the evening, so they’re very accommodating to a busy schedule.

Address: 6 Cope Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2


Next up on our list is Saba, a wonderful chain with locations on both South William Street and Baggot Street. A combination Thai and Vietnamese restaurant, the menus differ by location but you can expect Black Pepper Squid, Por Phia Thod and Hoisin Duck Rolls. Served in a place that’s all about good times and community.

Not to mention that Saba frequently serves special event menus that are well worth keeping an eye open for!

Address: 7 William St S, Dublin 2, 22 Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4


If dining in isn’t your thing and you want something a little more on the go, then look no further than Vietnom. Dublin’s very own Vietnamese food truck! Found rambling about on the streets of Stonybatter, Vietnom makes it their mission to use “local Irish ingredients to transport you to the streets of Ha Noi!”.

Address: The Glimmer Man 14, Stoneybatter, Arran Quay, Dublin 7

Jolin’s Vietnamese Coffee House

Changing things up a little, we recommend you check out Jolin’s coffee house. A quaint little spot where the walls and tables are adorned with Vietnamese art. What it lacks in menu options it more than makes up for in chill vibes and personality. Also, where else in Dublin can you get a 

Ca Phê Trứng (Vietnamese Egg Coffee)?

Address: 43 Clanbrassil Street Upper Dublin, Dublin 8

Pho Kim

Last (but certainly not least!) on our little tour of Vietnamese eateries in Dublin City we have Pho Kim

The self proclaimed “taste of Vietnam in the heart of Dublin”, Pho Kim uses top-shelf Irish ingredients to make proper, high profile Vietnamese recipes. Such as Tom Nuong (grilled jumbo prawns), Pho Dat Biet (beef dish) and Com Tom Tit Nuong (pork dish). They also have a very nice wine list with selections from around the world!

Pho Kim was awarded Tripadvisor’s Travellers Choice Award in 2020.

Address: 162 Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1

So there you have it! Dublin city is just packed to the brim with Vietnamese restaurants all just waiting to be tried out. Across the varied options, and even more importantly the varied menus, there is sure to be something for everyone. Whether it’s your first time trying the local cuisine of Vietnam or if you’re a regular connoisseur. Indulge your curiosity and give one of them a try. You may just find a new favourite dish!

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