Yukti Khera

Yukti Khera

A young writer with an open mind towards what life has to offer. She tends to display her views through her writing while also keeping into account different points of view of people. Her desire is to conquer world diversities as much as possible with the determination to let the voice of everyone be heard.

Places with the best Christmas

places with the best Christmas

On the 25th December, Christmas, one of the most “happening” sacred holidays is celebrated around the world. The traditions being both cultural and sacred in nature, they are being followed and enjoyed for about two millennia now. Some of the…

Religiosity in Ireland

religiosity in Ireland

Ireland is a country of faith and religion. It is not only famous for its parties and castles but also for the churches it has. The churches in Ireland are part of the beauty that this country shares with the…

“Irish” around the world

irish around the world banner article

A culture today is not just a description of a particular tradition or a race or a country. Culture comprises all the countries’ traditions, history, and evolution. Culture is what tells how the world has evolved. It determines one’s life.…

Job: Luxury or Struggle?

job luxury or struggle

The job hiring system today has its own methodical requirements which are not just your merit anymore.   Admission to a college or university depends on what we accomplish in school. These grades are a source of admission for further education.…

Astronomy in Ireland

Astronomy in Ireland

“Astronomy”, a word that encourages fascination and makes us want to look up at the sky. It is not only the study of the objects in the universe but it is also an encouragement to know about the universe even…