Job: Luxury or Struggle?

The job hiring system today has its own methodical requirements which are not just your merit anymore.  

Admission to a college or university depends on what we accomplish in school. These grades are a source of admission for further education. Though, alongside grades, there’s also another number of things that should be counted. These achievements, out of school education, life experiences, and skills, etc. There are not many jobs a student can do while they are in school but there are still a set of skills that they can develop and nourish.


While choosing what to study, the only struggle at that moment is not just the subject but also the college, the place, and further job opportunities. After which a student devotes 100% to their studies and then must acquire a job to pay off their bills, education loans, and have some kind of life.  


Being a fresher or a new graduate in today’s time is not easy. There is too much competition to cross over and reach your goals, which can be overwhelming. Due to the pandemic, many are unemployed but there are also other reasons. The graduates suffer the dilemma between acquiring a respectful job and a job to pay off the loans. As a graduate, a person is required to have enough skills to show their capability to the employer.

luxury or struggle

There are many entry-level jobs posted on social websites and applications like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor. While looking at job requirements, it can be difficult to match your skills with what they are asking for. Why? The company seeks people with experience even in the entry-level jobs and since many don’t have this experience, the job is not offered to them and the skills then are most of the time overlooked.  

This expectation of experience can only result in unemployment because as graduates they don’t have much or any experience at all and to build that experience they need to get a job. The companies that reject these new graduates for an entry-level job on the basis of no experience are not justified.


While students are under education loans, their journey begins as soon as they step out of their parents’ house. They have responsibilities of paying bills and their loan but how often does it happen that the graduate is able to find a decent job with a good salary to have some leftover for them? Not as much.


The struggle that a new graduate faces is far more challenging and pressurizing. More so, to be a graduate in a place where the unemployment rate is high makes it more difficult to live a good life.


Youth unemployment is the term that not only defines the unemployment of the youth but also the challenges faced by them. It is not only the companies that are somewhat responsible for this but also the colleges. The colleges should provide proper internship programs for students within the course so they can gain some experience before entering the real world of struggle.


An educational institute is meant to make the student more skilled and strong so that they can face struggles and can portray their skills well; an official environment is meant to nourish and grow those skills.



The companies offering jobs are supposed to be open to a situation where a person might have less or no experience but their skills say a lot more than that. The companies should be able to give a graduate an opportunity to display their skills in an adequate environment. With the factor of “less experience” or “no experience”, the salary is also affected. The salary sometimes is so low that the new graduate is unable to reach their goals of paying off their loan or paying the bills.


luxury or struggle 1    There is a number of factors affecting the job profile of a candidate but that doesn’t mean that they are worthy of a job or are not. Today, more than 90% of people are excelling in their academics. Yes, there are people who fall behind but that results in the jobs being only available for the person scoring at least a 100%.


We see Nepotism also has a role to play here. Even though the person deserves a job, often it is straight away passed on to a family member. A family member is supposed to start from scratch like every other person in the particular company. While this is one way how jobs are not offered to the deserving, there is another, where a person is offered a job through a network or a friend.

That is another way that the skills of the graduate are ignored and the job is offered to someone else who just had the right connection in the field.


For instance, a person without any exposure towards increasing their skills would suffer a setback in their field and later would end up getting a job that is not up to their experiential skills. Will this be justice to them and their skills? No. There should be more opportunities, for every kind of person, even if they are less experienced, or not as book smart, because no one can say the skills they possess may be the extraordinary thing about them.


The basic thought here that comes is whether having a job equals luxury or struggle. Does a job provide comfort or stress? Is getting paid important or enjoying the job?

Yukti Khera
Yukti Khera

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