Religiosity in Ireland

Ireland is a country of faith and religion. It is not only famous for its parties and castles but also for the churches it has. The churches in Ireland are part of the beauty that this country shares with the world.

Christianity has been a part of Ireland, probably before the missionary activities of St. Patrick, in the late fifth century. Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland is known to be the oldest church in Ireland even before the St. Patrick Cathedral.

churches in Ireland

The evolution of churches in Ireland has been seen through the country and the religious activities that are done by the Irish.

The churches in Ireland are a part of the heritage of the country. It is known globally how the patrimony has impacted and is part of, the history of Ireland.

This place has seen a lot of trouble in regards to the religious and holy places that are around the country. Mainly the monasteries and churches were raided and looted by the Vikings. That era is supposed to be the beginning of the end of the deeply seated religious roots.

The country faced the trauma of the pirated and traded heritage of the country by the Vikings up till the late eleventh century after it began in the eighth century. These were the Norse Vikings who were later defeated by the Danish Vikings.

religiosity in IrelandThe religious artifacts of the country are known to be a mash-up of different countries’ heritage, which were brought in by the Vikings. Though so far there has been no ultimate claim other than by the Irish.

All of the churches and cathedrals built in Ireland are meant to be visited and admired, with how grand they are, and to learn more about their history.

5 of the many are:

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

Waterford is known to be the oldest county of the country, founded by the Vikings in 914 AD. Located in Barronstrand Street, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity was designed in 1793. 

religiosity in Ireland

It is the oldest cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. It was refurbished in 1977 to have the Mass celebrated ad populum (facing the people), when a new altar was installed.


St. Muredach’s Catholic Cathedral

Situated in Ballina, County Mayo. Bishop John MacHale initiated the construction of the cathedral. The work on the cathedral began in 1827. Architect James Joseph McCarthy’s designs completed the spire in 1855. 

The roof and ceiling were completed before the Great Famine of 1845 and locally, the stone was quarried.

It was originally situated in County Sligo when it was built, though, after the county boundaries revisions in 1898, the cathedral was declared to be in County Mayo.

St. Johns Cathedral

Situated in Limerick, the first Mass was held in 1859, on 7th March. English architect Philip Charles Hardwick was authorized to make the designs for the cathedral, 1855-1861. 

The foundation stone was laid on 1st May 1856 which led to the building being consecrated in 1859. 

Though, until July 1861, it remained unfinished. The original structure of the building was undertaken by Patrick Kenna.

In and from 1879, Thomas Byrne took over the later construction of the tower and the spire.

Christ Church Cathedral

Formally known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, founded in c.1030, it is situated in the capital city, Dublin.

It is one of the two medieval cathedrals, the other being St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Its role is to hold notable annual events such as the Citizenship Service. For the united dioceses, it is also the center of worship.

Christ Church also hosts ordinations of priests and consecration of bishops, it being the cathedral of the southern province of the Church of Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Founded in 1191 in the capital city of Ireland, it is known to be the national cathedral of the Church of Ireland. The Church of Ireland, for the whole country, appointed St. Patrick’s as the national cathedral in 1870. 

religiosity in Ireland

It is not just a building for tourism attraction, but is also a place of worship and a host for many events. It has been a part of Ireland’s history for over 800 years.

There are over 200 monuments around the walls of the Cathedral. They range from the marble plaques and the stained glass windows, to the large architectural monuments, marble statues, and commemorative brasses.

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