10 of the best Dublin restaurants you can get delivery from

It’s almost winter, the end of the year is ahead of us, lockdown has just ended, and you might find yourself preferring to stay home yet not wanting to cook. The solution? Delivery. So here are the best Dublin restaurants you can easily order from. 

  1. Elephant And Castle

They’re praised for having the best chicken wings out of all the Dublin restaurants out there, and now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. But besides the well-known wings their delivery menu also offers a variety of burgers, desserts, kid’s meals, and vegetarian options. They deliver soft drinks, wines, and beer, so you’ll be able to enjoy the full night-out experience without setting your foot out the door. 

  1. Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant


Known as one of the best plant-based Dublin restaurants, Cornucopia not only strives to be an ethical business, but it’s perfect if you’re vegan or vegetarian. Their menu is 90%  plant-based and they are committed to a zero-waste policy. The portions are generous and they even deliver fresh cake right to your doorstep, including a mouth-watering chocolate and walnut brownie. The main courses are delivered frozen and easy to heat up, giving you plenty of time to get ready to eat. 

  1. Neon Asian Street Food

Made by Thai chefs, this restaurant allows you to enjoy genuine Asian street food, without bothering to venture into the freezing city. The food is made to order and their menu features a handful of vegetarian and vegan options. Offering a variety of woks, curries, soups, noodles, and rice dishes, it’s perfect for any Asian food lovers. There are kid’s dishes available as well, so everyone in the family can enjoy the same delivery. 

  1. Aoki Noodle Sushi Bar

This one of the Dublin restaurants you can get delivery from offers not only a wide variety of sushi dishes such as Nigiri & Sashimi but also noodle and ramen dishes, with options such as Seafood Yaki Soba and a vegetarian, tofu-base noodle dish, Yasai Yaki Soba. Their delivery menu is truly extensive, but if you don’t feel like handpicking every single thing, there’s even a budget-friendly choice. The Aoki Bento Boxes are usually discounted and offer neat selections such as Sweet Chili Chicken Bento and Unagi (grilled eel) Bento. They also offer sushi combos of up to 22 pieces for €24.50. Their beverage selection is generous as well, including Japanese teas, soft drinks, Sake, and other Japanese alcoholic drinks. 

  1. Captain Americas

Known for offering some of the best burgers out of many Dublin restaurants, this dining hotspot offers delivery in case you cannot make it to their foodie destination. Their menu consists of steaks, burgers, pizzas, fries, salads, chicken wings, nachos, and some loaded milkshakes and other desserts. Its American style is perfect for when you feel like eating some heavy classics. They have vegetarian options, such as pizza Margherita or a veggie burger, and kid’s dishes are also available. A generous dip selection is up for grabs too, ready to add some colour to the main courses or starters.  For dessert, you can get your pick out of four items: brownie, sundae, milkshake, or a New York cheesecake. The beverage selection consists of soft drinks, wines, and beers. 

  1. 777

One of the best Dublin restaurants to specialise in Mexican cuisine, 777 has been long praised for its tacos and margaritas. Now they offer a selection box containing all their greatest eatable hits, 777 At Home. The at-home kit is available Thursday to Sunday, costs €50 for two or three people sharing, and comes with totopos, salsas, chorizo taquitos, chicken tostadas, mushroom taquitos, grilled corn slaw, pico de gallo, and two chocolate cremeux to finish it off on a sweet note. In case you want to go all-in for your Taco Tuesday, you can add a 750ml bottle of margaritas for €40.

  1. Catch-22

The cleverly named Catch-22 offers fresh fish and seafood delivered right to your doorstep. Their delivery menu includes starters, such as chowders, crispy calamari with fries and fish pies, main courses, such as burgers, tempura scampi and their twist on fish’ chips, and a selected salted caramel chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis as the choice of dessert. Prices are reasonable, with a homemade beef burger priced at €12.50. The beverage selection includes soft and hot drinks, white or red wine, rose, prosecco, and craft beers. 

  1. Mister S

Promising Ireland’s best produce and a wood grill (a.k.a. some amazingly smoked protein), Mister S is another one of the various Dublin restaurants that came up with at-home kits. Priced at around €22 per person for three courses, the menus change weekly and are on sale every Sunday from midday. They offer menus for up to four people, usually centered around a specific protein. So far they’re only taking 15 orders a night, so you can even get to experience the restaurant booking rush that you might be missing amidst all the lockdowns and social-distancing. It’s ideal for a more upscale dining delivery experience. 

  1. Doolally

This high-end Indian restaurant is starred by renowned Indian chef Alfred Prasad, who was awarded a Michelin star at just 29. The food is considered to be exceptional, and they also have a great alcohol selection, with wines and beers plus non-alcoholic options. The selection delivery menu is fully packed with Doolally favourites, such as the Paneer Makhi, Malai Chicken Tikka, and the salted caramel cheesecake. They also offer vegan and vegetarians alternatives, including the Bhindi Masala, and Kadhai Vegetables. 

  1. Pacino’s

Known as one of Dublin’s great Italian restaurants, Pacino’s offers fine, authentic Italian cuisine. You can order a variety of salads, sandwiches, pasta, and pizzas. But why stop yourself at the word pizza? On top of the more traditional pizza flavours, they also offer gourmet pizza, such as Scugnizzi and Pepperoni & Gorgonzola. In case pizza wasn’t really your thing, there’s a vegetarian or regular calzone available for delivery as well. 


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