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All You Need To Know To Start Journaling This 2021

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / January 6, 2021

Journaling has gained momentum in the past few years, not only among more introverted and reflective individuals, but also with younger demographics. Nowadays, it’s usually exercised as a regular mindfulness practice. Should you include it in your routine this year?  5 Great Tips to Beat Those Dreaded January Blues How To Be Smarter About Your […]


8 amazing tips to deal with and minimise job search burnout

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / December 23, 2020

Looking for work is never easy, that’s for sure. Now, with COVID-19, employment opportunities are harder to get than ever before. This might have caused you to start feeling job search burnout.  Job: Luxury or Struggle? New jobs as a result of covid 19: Marmitex But how do you distinguish typical stress from job search […]


Highlights Of The Formula 1 2020 Season And What To Expect For 2021

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / December 22, 2020

Taking COVID-19 into consideration, it’s crazy to be writing about the Formula 1 2020 season’s highlights. It certainly wasn’t easy to pull off, but somehow we were delighted with a 2020 World Championship. And what a Championship it was!  There were many impressive moments during the Formula 1 2020 season: unexpected wins, heart-wrenching setbacks, and […]


Study smarter: 10 realistic tips

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / December 17, 2020

To be able to study more effectively in a shorter amount of time sounds like every student’s dream, right? Well, it is achievable if you pay attention to how you study instead of just measuring for how long you do it.  10 habits to keep yourself healthy and productive How To Retain Information Quickly and […]


5 Irish podcasts you should be listening to right now

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / December 15, 2020

Podcasts became a well-deserved, highly popular phenomenon a while ago. Whether it is for a train ride, a long drive back home, or even for a cloudy afternoon while organising your room, podcasts seem to have completely won us over in our everyday lives.  Today is easy to get lost amidst all the great options […]


10 of the best Dublin restaurants you can get delivery from

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / December 11, 2020

It’s almost winter, the end of the year is ahead of us, lockdown has just ended, and you might find yourself preferring to stay home yet not wanting to cook. The solution? Delivery. So here are the best Dublin restaurants you can easily order from.  4 Traditional Yule Practices We Still See at Christmas Top […]

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