Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 Restrictions

Looking for the best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions? With Ireland in a Level 5 Lockdown, it is clear that this year’s Christmas is going to be very different to that of previous years. With the possibility of the country opening up on the 1st December, people are already making plans to celebrate Christmas, as they should. It’s been an extremely difficult year for everyone – for those who have lost family to Covid-19, or just been separated because of it, it is a year that many simply just want to forget about. 

However, there are still great ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions, no matter what those restrictions might be. As we anxiously await news from the government on what we will and won’t be able to do, here’s a list of activities you can still enjoy despite being in a global pandemic. 

Takeaway Mulled Wine 

best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictionsWhether the pubs are allowed to open or not in December, going for a takeaway mulled wine, or hot whiskey, whatever you prefer, is a wholesome and cosy way to spend an evening that feels super Christmassy. Many pubs are currently doing this, for example PMACs, and though you currently can’t sit there, wrap up and find a cosy spot to enjoy your drink. This has to be one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions. 

Pub Zoom Calls 

Yes, Zoom calls and quizzes are a little overdone and they’re not for everyone. Maybe save them for those people you haven’t seen in a long time, or those who may not be able to come home for Christmas, in order to catch up. Make yourself a hot chocolate or a cocktail, and spend a few hours chatting to your nearest and dearest.  

Friend Christmas Dinner

best ways to celebrate christmas with covid-19 restrictionsWhether restaurants open or not, try to organise a dinner with your friends. Chances are you haven’t been able to congregate over this lockdown period, so why not organise an evening in December to wine and dine and swap presents and stories. This is one of the most festive and best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions. If you’re hoping to go out for dinner, contact restaurants now and they’ll likely book up fast. If not, get a takeaway and make drinks, or do a home-cooked meal instead. 

Kris Kindle 

Who doesn’t love Kris Kindle? Maybe more than ever that added joy of getting the perfect (or most ridiculous, depending on what your family or friend group is like) present, or wondering who has you is extremely important and is a great way to bring a little joy into your life. Use a website like DrawMyNames to choose anonymously, and then get cracking with your present. Kris Kindle is also a great way to just focus on buying for one person, and getting them something meaningful, rather than having to buy for many and not being able to afford it. 

Write Christmas Cards 

This may be a slightly out-dated practice, but everyone loves receiving cards in the post. Pick up a pack of Christmas cards and get writing to family and friends. If you’re feeling generous, add some sweets or post a present either. It’s the little things that make us feel the most special. There’s not much we can do at the moment, but no matter what you’ll be able to write to your loved ones, making this one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions.

Decorate Your Space 

If you’re going to have to celebrate the month leading up to Christmas mostly from home, why not go all out with the decorations. Spend a day listening to Christmas music while you decorate your space from top to toe. 

Have a Christmas Movie Night 

Watching The Holiday and Elf over and over is a given at Christmas. If you’re looking for a way to make it better, set up your living room with loads of cushions and blankets, hang up some fairy lights and make some popcorn or baked goods, and invite a few friends over to get into the Christmas spirit. If you have children, make a fort out of blankets – even if you don’t have children, make a fort out of blankets. Who doesn’t love a fort?

Play Board Games

3356449350 03153b7d03 bWith tons of electronic consoles at your disposal (particularly with the release of the PlayStation 5) it can be easy to resort to these for entertainment. However, there’s something cosy and Christmassy about playing board games, or doing a jigsaw. It also passes a few hours, and will remind you of Christmases from your childhood. 

Document It All

girl taking photo 3960845 1280One day, this strange time will be a distant memory. We’ll look back on that year that we spent indoors and wonder how we got through it all. We are living in a pinnacle moment in history, so why not document it all. I don’t just mean snapping pictures on your phone (although if this is all you have, work away) I mean get a disposable camera, your Polaroid, make a scrapbook or a memory box. It seems strange now but this may just be one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions. 

Go See The Lights 

Xmas lights DCAll over the country, shops and streets, and even some houses, are decorated to the nines with Christmas lights. There’s nothing quite like walking through Grafton Street for the first time once the lights have been turned on, welcoming you with Nollaig Shona Duit (Happy Christmas in Irish). Nothing will put you in a better mood than absorbing all the festive cheer. 

Watch all the Christmas Specials under the sun

Father tedDecember is normally one of the busiest social months for everyone. Although the slight reopening of the country will see friends and family reunite in December, there are still going to be huge restrictions on social gatherings, which will inevitably leave you with free time. Make a list of your favourite Christmas specials, or Christmas specials you want to watch, and start watching them. The Father Ted Christmas special is a classic, but there’s also Gavin and Stacey, The Vicar of Dibley, and many for your favourite soaps. If this sort of festiveness isn’t what you’re into, try the Black Mirror episode “White Christmas.”

If you have anymore ideas on how to best enjoy Christmas amidst Covid-19 restriction, pop them into the comments below! 

Katy Thornton
Katy Thornton

Katy is a Creative Writing graduate from UCD who freelance writes and is currently working on her debut novel.

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