5 of the Best Books to Enjoy this Christmas

Christmas is one of the most loved holidays that is celebrated all around the world.

Even at the hardest of times, having a Christmas celebration is something that brings joy to the family. There may be several occasions where the mood for Christmas is dull because of working on Christmas Eve or no snow or even just being at a place where Christmas is not celebrated with all the traditions.

There are movies of course, which bring out the holiday essence but that can come with some inconveniences like maybe the electricity is out or a snow blizzard which can dial down the networks.

5 best books to enjoy this Christmas

There are several more traditions to follow during the Christmas holiday which can also include reading a Christmas book while sitting with family, beside the fireplace, enjoying hot cocoa. 

Though there are movies based on a few of the classics like The Christmas Carol, Polar Express, The Nutcracker and The Grinch, etc., there are still a few more which are not under the Hollywood radar. These would not only keep on the holiday excitement but also may bring out a new tradition in your family if it was not earlier.


  1. What Christmas Is As We Grow Older – Charles Dickens

We all know about the success of Dickens’ Christmas Carol. This lesser-known book, however, is about the differences that we experience during the holiday season while we are younger and when we grow older; as the title suggests. It tells us that Christmas is about sharing joy with others rather than just enjoying the gifts as we did when we were younger. How this realisation comes about is something for you to find out and enjoy.

  1. Holidays On Ice – David Sedaris

A collection of stories and essays about Christmas, this book comprises many different experiences experienced by many different people. It is not all new but it is not all old either. The stories are there to share and understand the meaning of this beloved holiday. The book has love, joy, and a twisted type of fun that can bring out some laughs as well as some tears.



  1. Christmas Day in the Morning – Pearl S. Buck
5 of the best books for Christmas
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Everyone expects and wishes to give and to receive something special for Christmas. Want to know what to get for someone dear to you when it’s already Christmas Eve? Find out what a son gifts his father while not having enough money to spend and not enough time to spend it. This book by Pearl S. Buck – the author of many books for children and adults – tells a different story while capturing the spirit of Christmas. This tale is heartwarming and a wonderful display of love.


  1. One Day in December – Josie Silver

Centering around three people, Laurie, Sarah, and Jack, this is a heartwarming, joyful, and moving love story. Two people, ten chances. A Christmas party that reunites the love birds while also igniting the holiday spirit. Dramatic, magical, and charming; some things that describe this wonderful book and the writer responsible. Silver is a romantic and doesn’t shy away from showing it.



  1. The Father Christmas Letters – J.R.R. Tolkien

This wonderful tale is told from the point of view of Father Christmas and his Elvish secretary, while they read the

5 of the best books to enjoy this Christmas
Image Credit: Tolkienlibrary

Christmas letters from all over the world. The story includes a description of massive fireworks concluding the northern lights; adventures and misadventures of Father Christmas and his little helpers; and the North Polar Bear. 

There are even a few letters showing the battle between Father Christmas and the Goblins, which is Tolkien’s view on the German Menace, making a reference to the second world war. The book has reality, happiness, adventure, and an upsetting tone but yet, it is a fantastic read for Christmas, to accept and to grow.  



I hope these catch your interest and make your Christmas holiday even more joyous and heartening.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Yukti Khera
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