Feature: Fly the Nest – “Old Street Lover”

Friday last saw the release of Fly the Nest’s latest single “Old Street Lover”. An energetically hopeful break-up song which does not fall to type of being laced with anger, sorrow, or self-pity, is a naturally refreshing change of pace considering the subject matter.

The Dublin native (born Stephen Cooper), describes “Old Street Lover” as being:

“…about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost. Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for.”

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The song’s verses describe the day the relationship came to an end, outlining difficult conversions which were had whilst reflecting on shared memories.

The chorus is where the track breaks from the archetypal break-up song, where the narrator wishes their former lover happiness in whatever they do moving forward. Given how acrimonious many romantic relationship tend to end, it is good to see a track which places emphasis on those relationships which happen to end amicably

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Musically, “Old Street Lover” interchanges between the modern sounds coming out of indie rock in the verses, and pop rock in the choruses, with some of its guitar lines and drum fills seemingly taking influence from the British post-punk revival period of the mid-2000’s.

Even Cooper’s vocals sound optimistic in tone, with the refrain of “You’ve got it” being delivered with such encouragement and enthusiasm that normally has no right to feel like it fits in place a break-up song.

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After starting out in various bands before launching his solo career, Cooper adopted the moniker Fly the Nest after being inspired by the adventures music has led him on. In addition to writing and recording music, Stephen also writes for sync, stating that writing for film and television is another facet which allows for his creativity to develop.

Currently, Cooper spends most of his time between Ireland and Denmark, performing gigs regularly across Scandinavia.

“Old Street Lover” follows Fly the Nest’s previous singles “Be Mine”, “Borrowed Time”, and “One in a Million”, all of which were released in 2020.

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