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Adam Gibbons is a journalist, photographer, blogger, and poet, who primarily writes on music, travel, and mental health. Check out his blog, "Mad for Notepads".


Review: Xiu Xiu – Oh No

By Adam Gibbons / April 4, 2021

The twelfth album from this highly prolific, American experimental band (currently consisting of the duo Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo), Oh No incorporates a common theme of connection while challenging both the taste and patience of any person who sits to listen to it. To preface the rest of this review, I should point out […]


Feature: NÍV – “Home”

By Adam Gibbons / March 27, 2021

The latest single from Kildare-based singer-songwriter NÍV (Niamh Murray), “Home” is a comforting track which serves as a reminder of the general ease which we often feel when we are at home.   An indie folk track, “Home” is dominated by a finger picked guitar, with swirling ethereal ambient effects in the background, with the […]


10 underrated solos in songs (not just guitar) you might not have heard

By Adam Gibbons / March 25, 2021

In the experience of a music listener, very few moments can compare to hearing a memorable solo, or an entrancing instrumental passage for the first (or thousandth) time, with them often having a much more profound effect on us than vocals and lyrics could. Babylon looks at ten underrated solo and instrumental passages from songs […]


Review: Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails over the Country Club

By Adam Gibbons / March 24, 2021

Of all the artistic evolutions to occur among American singer-songwriters over the past half decade, Lana Del Rey’s evolution is definitely among the most intriguing. From updating her hip hop inflected sound on 2017’s Lust for Life (in a callback to her sophomore album Born to Die) to shifting towards the psych-influenced soft rock and […]


Review: Justin Bieber – Justice

By Adam Gibbons / March 22, 2021

Following the release of the forgettable Changes, widely regarded as Justin Bieber’s weakest album to date, Justice is another in a slew of albums completed during the pandemic period. However, the album (like its predecessor) has been mired in controversy. This is especially so with Bieber being sent a cease-and-desist notice by French electronic duo […]


How 2020 was the year of the lockdown album

By Adam Gibbons / March 19, 2021

Over the past year, the most common trend to emerge in the roll out of new music has been the lockdown album – albums which were fully conceived, written, recorded, and produced since the COVID-19 lockdowns started in March 2020. This article will look at three such albums which were written, recorded, and released within […]


Review: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnage

By Adam Gibbons / March 15, 2021

While the creative talents of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis are evidenced by their prolific output of film scores, dating back to 2005’s The Proposition, Carnage marks the first studio outing from the Australian duo, both members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It does feel somewhat odd that the duo would work on […]


Feature: Jen Ella – “eyes for you”

By Adam Gibbons / March 13, 2021

“eyes for you” is the latest single from Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Jen Ella, which acts as her first release of 2021, following her debut extended play Spoken Words in 2020. “eyes for you” single artwork.   A track which blends indie folk with easy-listening ambiance, “eyes for you” is a pretty indie ballad about the struggles […]


COVID-19 one year on: how a pandemic opened a generational Pandora’s box

By Adam Gibbons / March 11, 2021

If someone asked you to describe the last twelve months with only one word, what would it be? Words and phrases like “pandemic”, “lockdown”, and “black lives matter” definitely stand out more than others. However, one word which might not be said as much could describe almost everything that has unfolded over the past twelve […]


Feature: Harlow Lake – “Bell and Jewel”

By Adam Gibbons / March 7, 2021

“Bell and Jewel” is the second teaser from Harlow Lake‘s upcoming second album, Valley of Teeth, scheduled to be released next Friday, March 12.   Taking influence from the worlds of both art rock and progressive rock, “Bell and Jewel” wears its influences of Radiohead, The Mars Volta, and King Crimson on its sleeve, while […]

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