Impact of Covid-19 on International Students- Work Permit and GNIB

In this period of unprecedented challenge, the government of Ireland has committed to ensuring the protection and health of all people who live, work and study in Ireland. Ireland is good at providing world class education facilities in terms of academics, and one of the main attractions for international students is its third level scheme after completing degrees.

Currently a big issue has come into picture; the impact of Covid-19 on International students from all over the globe, who came to Ireland for their studies.

Thousands of International students are struggling with the same crisis, which is the renewal of the 1G stamp – which indicates you have finished your studies and are applying for jobs or the eligibility of working full time.

Stamp 2 visa allows only 20 hours weekly work limit to international students.


Officials have proposed steps to ease fears about first-time arrivals or those who need to update their visas. Immigration processes have gone completely online in Dublin whereas, in other counties, face to face appointments are still happening. Nevertheless, it is not very effective for students who have already been placed and need to start their work placement, as the whole duration of the visa process is between 6-8 weeks.

Another big obstacle is result declaration: the final transcript is one of the main documents which has to be present while applying for 1G. Late declaration of final results have created a lot of chaos among students.

Satyaki Ganguly, an international student from UCD said, “The delaying of results for more than a month is grossly unfair (especially) towards the international students. We are now facing a race against time to procure our work visas to get into full time opportunities before the end of the year. The market is already being tough (sic), this does not help at all. It’s disappointing to see the university that prides itself as a global institution treat its international students like this”.

He also added that “There was a sense of angst when the announcement was made about the results being delayed. It quickly turned to despair and helplessness as nothing from the students end could or would have facilitated for a swifter announcement of results. Students lost out on job opportunities as a result. With part time harder to get, the international students went through a mini meltdown that should not have been allowed to happen by the esteemed University”.


Postgraduate students from The University of Limerick were almost ready for a protest against the University for not being helpful enough regarding results.

Some of them have already lost their jobs because of the inability to get a visa renewal in Limerick Immigration office or late results.

Yeou Shang Liu, an International student, who is placed in Mastercard as a Software developer, said that she has to wait for the result after receiving an offer letter. But later on she has to go with a Stamp 1 visa through her company because the 1G will take at least two months to come.

She said, “I got my university letter from International Education Division (IED) long back (sic) but couldn’t go for 1G application because I didn’t have my final transcript. I have to ask my HR to go for Stamp 1 instead of 1G then”.


Rahul Tilak, again an International student, said, “Everyday I am getting job calls from companies but it is very unfortunate that after informing (them) about visa status, they never call me back”.

“I got my result last week but again I have to wait for 6-8 weeks to get 1G and till that time I don’t know how much job opportunity I would miss”.


There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted all of us very deeply and the Irish Government is doing their best to tackle it productively. But the big question is, whether extending the stay duration in Ireland is really going to help International students without being allowed to work full-time?


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