Ireland presented the 14th Culture Night with free attractions and culture

The 14th Ireland Culture Night happened on the Friday of  September 20. Ir brought free entertainment to people from all ages. Culture Night celebrated art, culture and heritage around the whole country. There were all sorts of attractions, music, dances, circus and performances, for all types of public.

One of the events that happened in Dublin was the “Who is there?” performance. The show was written and directed by Aoife Kavanagh and Polina Shapkina. The circus project brought together music, art and aerial acrobatics for the first time in Dublin Culture Night.

First the exhibition and impromptu performances were held. They were from 7:30 to 9:20 pm and at 9:30 pm the main show started. It had six small presentations with different stories, mixing theatre, songs and acrobatiques, ending up with an one hour show.

The artists used different accessories, like aerial silk, lyra, rope and a hoop, for exemple. There was also live music,  dance and storytelling.

In addition to this, the performancers used a bit of sense of humour in some of the presentations. As a result, it brought a light and fun environment with the public. The event took place in Cabra, Dublin 7.

It should be noted that the Dublin Circus Project is a member-based organization in support of circus training and events. To know more about them access their website Dublin Circus Project.

Amanda Fernandes
Amanda Fernandes

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