Man Sets World Record For Highest Biscuit Dunk

Simon Berry dunks a biscuit into a cup of tea while bungee jumping.

Nowadays there is literally a world record out their for anything you can imagine. The records can range from anything to tallest Lego tower to longest finger nails. Simone Berry, a British man had his eye on something much more extreme than any of the above.

Simon Berry set the Guinness World Record for the highest biscuit dunk into a cup of tea. He accomplished this by bungee jumping from a height of 75 meters, dunking what appears to be a Hobnob into a standard mug.

Berry had to say, “It was pretty difficult – the team helped by getting me roughly in there in the right place, but going down and having to nail that cup of tea was pretty tricky.”

The record was completed in Berkshire as part of the Guinness World Records Day.

Watch Simon Set The Record Below.


Craig Marshall
Craig Marshall

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