Metalhead Series: 5 Metalcore bands from Dublin

The metal genre has undergone many changes and additions over the years. In the late 1980s, for example, people started blending elements of heavy metal with hardcore punk. The new genre that formed was then called Metalcore. In this instance of our Metalhead Series we will be focusing on the Metalcore bands from Dublin, the beautiful capital of the Emerald Isle. And not to worry – the rest of Ireland  will follow soon.

Pain In VainPain In Vain Album, Metalcore Bands from Dublin

Pain In Vain is a Metalcore band founded in 2014 by Mikey O’Riordan together with his school friend Jake Black at the age of 17. Based in Ireland’s capital, the band takes influence from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, and The Black Dahlia Murder. They bring their own stylistic mix to the contemporary end of the metal spectrum. In 2015 they performed their debut show in Belfast, recorded and released their debut EP Leave Me and headlined their own EP launch show in Fibber Magees with an audience of over 100 people. Since then, they have played at Metal 2 The Masses multiple times and supported well-known metal bands such as UK-based Conjurer.

Recommended Album:

Immolation (2018)

Theories DivideTheories Divide Album, Metalcore Bands from Dublin

Theories Divide was formed 2010 in Dublin. For some years the band played gigs on the Dublin scene while replacing some members that left along the way. In 2014, the band came second in the Metal 2 the Masses contest trying to get a spot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock. They made it into the finals but were unfortunately not selected to play at the festival. A year later they made it into the finals once again but still fell short of the New Blood stage spot. They have played in various locations all around Ireland including Waterford, Cork and Belfast as well as travelling to the UK for small gigs but hope to play on mainland Europe someday.

Recommended Album:

The Outcast (2016)

AeSectAeSect Album, Metalcore Bands from Dublin

AeSect is a Metalcore band with modern influences based in Dublin. Formed in 2010, the band has earned a name for itself among the live metal scene in Dublin after regular gigging. Now, they have started gigging outside of their hometown as well. The band has released two EPs to date and has undergone some lineup changes over the years. AeSect has shared the stage with international acts and has taken part in almost every large metal event taking place in Ireland. They have also played at UK’s Bloodstock this year after the release of their new single Blind Faith.

Recommended Album:

Devour The Earth (EP, 2015)

Call To ArmsCall To Arms Album, Metalcore

The young five-piece metal band Call To Arms formed in late 2013 in Dublin. They made their live debut at The Academy, Dublin where they performed as part of ‘Blast:Beat Battle of the Bands’ on RTÉ. The band’s sound has become heavier since then and they have built a strong loyal fanbase known as ‘The Core’. They have built up a solid reputation for themselves around the Dublin metal scene and had some high-profile shows where they supported famous bands such as Avatar, Fozzy and Chelsea Grin.

Recommended Album:

Invictus (EP, 2015)

New Age ExtinctionNew Age Extinction, Metalcore

New Age Extinction is a Dublin-based Metalcore band that formed in 2011. Over time, various lineup changes occurred within the band and they now have a stronger Hardcore influence than before. Bands like Ghost Inside and Parkway Drive became their main influences and they started experimenting with different musical styles. But the band has always stayed true to the Metal/Hardcore sound they became known for. Their own style of Metalcore has garnered them a lot of local support and helped them support acts such as Hero in Error, Inbred and Deez Nuts.

Recommended Album:

A Grand Deception (EP, 2012)

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