New rules for the cyclists

A €40 fine will be implemented for anyone who breaks the new rules.

In Dublin, more than 36,000 people go to the work by bike, which represents almost 2% of the workforce in the Irish capital, according to Census 2006. Last year, 13 cyclists were killed, while this year only 3 cyclists have lost their lives. To ensure the safety of cyclists, Gardaí have launched an awareness campaign for cyclists ahead of the introduction of ramped-up rules this month. From next Friday, cyclists seen breaking the rules will be fined.

A €40 fine will be implemented for anyone who breaks the new rules which will rise to a €60 fine after 26 days. If the €60 fine remains outstanding after 56 days, it’s up to the courts to deal with the situation and be warned it, could lead to fines of up to €2,000.

So if you prefer spending money on a pint and not a fine, pay attention to the seven new rules:

  1. Driving a pedal cycle without reasonable consideration.
  2. No front lamp or rear lamp lit during lighting-up hours.
  3. Cyclist proceeding into a pedestrianised street or area.
  4. Proceeding past traffic lights when red is illuminated.
  5. Proceeding past cycle traffic lights when red lamp is lit.
  6. Cyclist failing to stop for a School Warden sign.
  7. Proceeding beyond a stop line, barrier or half barrier at a railway level crossing, swing bridge or lifting bridge, when the red lamps are flashing.

new cycling rules 1


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