Photographers find new night sky lights

A Group of photographers found a new form of light, which they called “Steve”.

One of them, a student from a University in Canada, shared the photo on the social media group. Firstly the student didn’t realised that what he and his friends discovered is a catalogued phenomena. The group on Facebook, called the light a proton act.

To find out exactly what the light is, some test were made. It turned out, that the light is a hot stream of fast-flowing gas in the higher part of the atmosphere.

The European Space Agency claimed that the light was 300km above the surface of the Earth and has temperature of 3,000C (5,400F), which is the hottest point. Furthermore, the test showed that inside the light the gas was flowing 600 times faster than the air on the outside of the “Steve”.

However, the light may not be an aurora, because it doesn’t steam from the interaction of solar particles with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Although, the light called “Steve” definitely is a phenomena. One of the members of the European Space Agency Roger Haagmans, said that it’s amazing, when citizens’ curiosity leads to new discoveries and prompts scientists to act. He adds, that “Steve” is pretty common, however no-one never noticed it. Due to the passionate citizens, the scientists can document this remarkable discovery.


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