Countries providing Post-Study Work Permit

Studying overseas is one of the dreams that almost every student shares and working where you studied is an opportunity every student should try to grasp. This provides these students with an excellent resume, which helps their chances of immigrating to their respective countries.

Institutions also play a vital role in this scenario. Some countries welcome students with the issuance of PSWP (Post- Study Work Permit), but there are also some institutions that don’t have placements included in the course of the studies. 

Alternatively, students may have an internship in place by the end of the course, and then there is a possibility of extending that into a permanent job. In cases where PSWP is provided without placement, the time is often wasted if a job is not found.

The following is a list of places willing to issue PSWP and internships. They are more helpful and useful for students who wish to immigrate and will help the students to apply for permanent residency.

Countries providing Post-Study Work Permit Ireland: Ireland is one of the countries to issue a PSW permit. The stay-back that the country offers depends on the degree the student pursues. The Bachelor’s degree comes with 12 months PSWP and the Master’s degree offers 24 months. Irish degrees are much aligned towards the need of local industries, making the graduates more employable.Countries providing Post-Study Work Permit

USA: Being one of the most desirable places to study, the US finds the need to issue PSWP to meet the demand for so many talented employees. Depending on the program students choose to study, the USA offers 17 to 24 months of work permit. The stay-back in the USA is a brilliant chance for students in all types of industries to engage with tremendous work opportunities.

Canada: After the USA, Canada is one of the top destinations students choose to Countries providing Post-Study Work Permitstudy. It has fewer exchange rates, more value for fees to the institutions, and an easy path to a Master’s degree. The colleges in Canada provide students with Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD), which is equivalent to a Masters Degree. The universities provide Masters Degree though the prerequisite is more than the colleges.

With the PSWP in Canada, the 2 yr PGD offers 36 months stay-back and the 1yr PGD offers 12 months; the same is the case with a Master’s degree.

UK: Though the UK is one of the hardest places to apply for education and work, the country still gives some Countries providing Post-Study Work Permitrelaxation to the students who persevere. They offer a 2-year work permit after completion of education; this permit is to allow for job searches in any field.

Australia: The stay-back offered by Australia depends on the type of degree the students wish to study. For Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, they can apply Countries providing Post-Study Work Permitfor a 2-year work permit; Master’s degree graduates may apply for a 3-year work permit and the Ph.D. students can apply for a 4-year work permit.

The land down under is welcoming to students from all around the world which makes it another attractive destination on the checklist.

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Countries providing Post-Study Work Permit

  • European Union (EU):  People have long been attracted to the EU. The countries that fall under the union provide a stay-back for students after the completion of their studies with the prerequisite is to know any European language fluently. A beneficial factor would be to know the native language where the student applies to study. Some countries, like Germany, Denmark, and Austria, require low tuition fees or no fees at all for international students and working graduates can apply for an extension of their work permit. 

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