Top 5 things to avoid in Ireland

  1. Temple Bar, Dublin – Although it is a major tourist attraction the place is just over-hyped, over-crowded and certainly over-priced. Sure, you can go and have a look around just to get a feel of things but there are other alternatives like lots of pubs and bars on Grafton Street and George’s Street.
  2. Copper Face Jacks – Mostly populated by the nursing students in UCD or the science students in Trinity. Although the crowd is pretty good the place is quite run down and dicey. Lots of other good places to go grab a pint like Dicey’s, D2, The Czech Inn etc.
  3. Driving in Dublin – It may seem comfortable if you are going on long journeys or driving between Counties on highways, with the road free and wide. However, driving during rush hours in the city, especially near the Quays is absolutely insane and if you have to find a parking spot then good luck to you my friend, you’ll be searching for hours.
  4. O’Connell Street (At night) – When I first arrived in to Dublin my landlord told me to never be in the city past 10pm because there are pickpockets and ruffians roaming around. During the day O’Connell Street is the place to be if you have some shopping to do or some time to kill. But be very careful at night as there are a lot of shady people on the street.
  5. Co. Limerick – Now, not all of Limerick is bad or filled with bad people and surely Limerick is getting over its reputation for being filled with gangs and high level of crime. However, the place in general is very dodgy and something to avoid if you are a tourist. Especially avoid hanging around the fast food shops during nightime, the fights generally start here.

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