Four weeks here: The top five bars so far

The Dublin nightlife is probably one of the biggest attractions Ireland has to offer.

How does one decide which bar you should go to if there are 751 to choose from? The past four weeks I have been doing my best, drinking a pint in as many different pubs as possible, picking them at random or following the advice of friends as well as random strangers I met on the street.

The Dublin bar scene takes a little getting used to. Bars generally tend to serve the last beer at 12am or, if they have a special permit, at 2am at the latest. The price for a pint varies depending on the location of the bar. In general the south side of Dublin tends to be a little more expensive than the north side. The average price for a pint is around 5,50€.

Not only due to the early closing times you should consider going to town early, but a lot of bars raise their prices as the night proceeds towards its end, especially around the Temple Bar area.

Nevertheless, the flourishing bar scene in Dublin was one of the main reasons I chose Ireland as the destination of my internship abroad over any other country and frankly, I found it quite hard to pick the ‘best’ bar of the ones I have previously visited and I am still optimistic that I am going to find one eventually which will top all of them in any case – good things come to those who wait.

5. The Auld Dubliner:

Located on Temple Bar in the center of Dublin, The Auld Dubliner might jusimg03699t be the perfect example of an Irish pub. From it’s casual and warm atmosphere, the typical Irish decor to the served food – live music is played every day of the week with multiple artists who play over the length of the whole day starting as early as 12pm. The pub spans over two stories and on the weekends it will become a very tight squeeze to reach the bar.

This pub is an experience which bundles a large part of Irish pub culture in its essence and one you should not miss going to Dublin.

4. The Stags Head:

The Stags Head is a l151ac1ef31430b4d3e4388e05f197cd7andmark in the Dublin pub scene. A tavern existed on this site since the 1780’s, though the Stags Head was founded ‘only’ in 1894. The pub is known for it’s distinctive Victorian interior as well as ‘the Stags Tail’ which is the downstairs music venue which provides a stage for traditional Irish music.

Take a few seconds as you enter the bar to enjoy the carved Victorian mahogany fittings, the mahogany bar, the mosaic marble tiled floors and the granite table tops.

3. The Living Room:

Eventually every big football fan is going to look for a bar where he can enliving-room-bar-paul-o-connell-photographyjoy a pint while he is watching his team crush the opposition. The Living Room shows live football every day from all major European leagues.

When Premier League games are on you will witness a very lively atmosphere with cheering fans and disputes about the referee’s’ performance – simply football.

Be sure to arrive early before the game, have a pitcher of beer and order a plate of the Living Room chicken wings.

2. The Porterhouse Temple Bar:

The Porterhouse Templetemple1b Bar opened in 1996 is the oldest pub brewery in Dublin. You may enjoy one of the eleven different draft beers being offered at the time, all of which are their own products, eat a snack or a full meal and listen to the live band. You may do everything you would do in every other pub in Dublin but the rustic wooden charm and the outstanding quality of the beer make this pub stand out from the large mass of Dublin pubs.

1. J.W. Sweetman:messrs

J.W. Sweetmans offers a lot of different craft beers as well as established brands. J.W. Sweetman is always full and the attending crowd is quite young. J.W. Sweetman is equally popular with locals as it is with tourists. J.W. Sweetman has live music. J.W. Sweetman is very well designed and decorated. J.W. Sweetman is in the centre of Dublin.

J.W. Sweetman is simply a very good bar in every single way.


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