Top Instagram Livestreams during quarantine

Bored at home? Anxious? Wishing you could be at a concert or eating at one of your favorite restaurants? No worries, good news: you live in the age of social media! And Instagram is the app for artists, right? Or at least is full of people that inspire and are inspired by any kind of topic. 

Babylon created for you a shortlist of some livestreams during quarantine that will make your day while being productive:


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Robbie Williams @robbiewilliams

If you miss karaokes, this is your IG profile. One of the most recognized British singers of them all is waiting for you every evening at 9 PM. He won’t really sing any of his songs, instead, he will do his best to cover some hits the audience (you, me, all of us) will be proposing by comments. What’s more, he normally tells random stories while coloring mandalas. Music and fun Best livestreamed concerts to watch amidst quarantine go hand in hand.

James Bay @jamesbay

Raised in bars in Brighton and London, this young singer rose to fame with Let it Go. Currently, it can be said that he has been the opening act for The Rolling Stones. Fangirling apart, if you want to learn how to play some of his songs on guitar, go on his livestreams normally at 5 PM UK time. You can already watch on his IGTV the previous ‘Let it Go’, ‘’Hold back the river’, ‘Us’ and ‘Wild Love’ lessons. Today, ‘Scars’ will be waiting for you!


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Bread Ahead @breadaheadbakery

From a classic crusty olive oil bread to a thorough gluten-free orange cake. Matthew, the amazing cook, shows his art every day at 2 PM. Thanks to him, you will become the best pastry chef in the place with international recipes like Italian Grissinis or French Pain de Campagne. Today, he will be demonstrating the ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie’ recipe. Yum! 

Kanchan Koya @chiefspicemama

Known for her plant-centered recipes, the creator of @buzzfeedtasty constantly tries to boost your immune system, even more at quarantine times. Daal Palak, Capsicum Aloo (or bell peppers with potatoes), Goan Vegetable Curry, Moroccan Stew…delicious! Yesterday, she was streaming on Instagram how to cook a tasty Immune-Boosting Mushroom Pho. I told you, you won’t miss your favorite restaurant for some days!


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Mel Robbins @melrobbins

This American Life Coach will calm your nerves from Monday to Friday at 5 PM. Most of the time, she encourages you to heal yourself with charming but realistic words: “That self-healing process begins by recognizing how your past has conditioned you to react and learning how to reparent yourself by reprogramming your response to situations that trigger your nervous system”. Sometimes, like two days ago, psychologists collaborate. You can have a look at her most recent IGTV videos and experience the most necessary minutes of the day.

Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus

This globally known singer usually talks with celebrities from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm. Elton John, Selena Gomez, Diplo, Alicia Keys, Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Hilton, Ellen Degeneres and many more showed their most vulnerable side whilst talking about how they’re spending their time during the quarantine. How to deal with anxiety, the importance of the little things, feminism and tips for being more environmentally friendly are some of the most commented topics. Her last episode was on Friday, tho. Anyway, we recommend her wonderful work, all the videos are on her profile. 


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FLY LDN @fly_ldn

This virtual Health Studio gives free 45 minutes of classes every day, three times per day. Combining immersive yoga and fitness for non-yogis, they bet on multiculturalism and break the patterns established by fashion. These classes provide your body with all the energy it needs. Have a great time on Instagram livestreams starting today at 8 AM, 12:30 PM or 5:45 PM!

Mark Kanemura @mkik808

Fun is guaranteed with this boy. Every day from 6 PM, you can dance for three hours with easy dance steps and hits from the nineties. And today, he will be inviting people to live to dance with him. In his own words, “everyone is welcome, accepted, and celebrated! You are beautiful! You are loved! You are enough!”. Nothing else to say, dear reader.

That’s all for now, folks! Remember: stay healthy, stay relaxed, stay productive. Livestreams are waiting for you, which accounts are your favorite ones?

Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira

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