What Trump’s Win Means To The Rest Of The World

And the 45th President of the United States of America is……. Donald Trump?


After clinching swing states like Pennsylvania and Florida, Donald Trump clinched the President elect position late Tuesday night. After the pre poll results had Hillary Clinton in the lead, Trump shocked the world by clinching the presidential position for 2017. What does this victory mean for the rest of the world?

There’s no covering up that Trump has a plan to stop immigration in the US, with plans to even build a wall between the border and Mexico. This is trouble for all undocumented citizens who have been living and working in the states for years.

Trump also has plans to bring US multinationals back to their home country. With plans to lower the corporate tax rates, this could result in multi million dollar companies such as Facebook and Google relocating back to their home countries. In result this would take away jobs and revenue from the locations they were previously at.

For students and professors, Trumps anti immigration views can make it tougher for students trying to obtain a J1 visa to come study in the United States. Trump believes that the J1 is a “visa scheme” and it ultimately lead to Americans losing jobs.

And finally current President Barrack Obama worked hard to maintain good relations with Ireland and other countries around the world. Many politicians in these countries have criticized Trump’s negative views and outlooks which can ultimately burn these relations we worked hard to keep.

Watch Donald Trump’s speech he made shortly after clinching the position below.


Craig Marshall
Craig Marshall

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