Irish Village Markets Coming to UCD

Forget Pi Cafe, ditch the SU shop because Irish Village Markets is coming to UCD bringing delcious food with it. Head to the UCD Sutherland School of Law for some spectacular street food, including food from

Zero Zero Wood Fired Pizza. The picture speaks for itself. Napoli pizza after your 1 o’clock lecture? Yes please.


Falafel Bite. Serving vegan, halal and vegetarian falafel, these guys keep everyone happy.


Grub Hub. Providing typical street food with an Irish twist, expect to taste Lamb Fajitas, New York Gyros, BBQ Steak Subs and Hot Veggie Wraps.


Seoul Food. Bringing authentic South Korean food to UCD!


Burger Republic. Using locally sourced meat, this is going to be a winner. They serve beef burgers along with Chicken Fillet burgers and Spicy Lamb burgers with loaded fries on the side.


Tokyo Sushi & Bento. Norimaki and Temaki with fresh fish and vegetables – fresh and simply delicious. They also serve Bento boxes!


Sol Burrito. Finally, burritos on campus! Serving burritos, burrito bowls and burrito salads. They also have vegetarian options!

Food Network's Breakfast Burrito

Say Fish. Using fish from sustainable sources, they serve up twice fried chips and fish with an Asian twist.

Gourmet Kitchen. BBQ style meat sandwiches. Beef. Pork. Straightforward and divine.


Kanum Thai. Offering a taste of Bangkok street food, including Pad Thai, Green Curry and Cashew Nut Stir Fry. No MSGs found here!

And more!

The markets will be on campus from 11:30 (to provide that hangover cure) till 2:30. They be returning every Thursday same place, same time so even if you miss this Thursday you can come back again!

All we need now is a donut pop up…


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