What to expect from Munky at BlueFire

Irish band Munky is one of the select performers at the 2019 BlueFire festival. The group created by four friends who met in college describe themselves as a post-millennial reptilian space funk on its Facebook page. 

Munky have no label and manager. They are DIY. Despite these setbacks, Munky has done enough to gain the attention of the BlueFire. 

The band will be performing on one of the platforms alongside the likes of Farah Elle, Danny G and the Major 7ths and Maracatu Ilha Brilhante. 

The line up of the group is Zac Stevenson (lead vocalist), Conor (guitars and vocals), Sam (drums) and Naill (bass). 

Babylon Radio met with two members of the band and discussed the band’s aims, the message at the BlueFire festival and future plans.

Zac and Conor admit that while none of their songs directly talk about peace, the message during their performance would be about embracing difference race. 

On the difficulty of getting a manager and record label, group member Zac Stevenson said: “In this day and age it is handy to have a record label but a manager will be nice. We are home-brewed.

Zac also says the band would be open to meeting a label which would allow the group have creative independence in the kind of music they make. 

Conor and Zac agree that funk is a huge part of the group but they both admit that

“I think punk is definitely a huge part but ultimately our musical heritage is loud road as that is what we all (the band) grew up listening to,” says Conor.

“I think soul and funk is definitely what we bring to our loud rock music that’s maybe different and unique”

Conor says ACDC, the legendary rock band, is his first love having gone to see the band at a young age. 

The group is so multi-talented and unique that it has rap songs and admits it would love to feature rappers. 

“In one of our songs, I am rapping but I try to make it not song like rap but more like a conversation,” says Zack who also admits that 40% of what he listens to is rap. 

Conor adds: “There are two songs we have that I sound like rap, something like spoken words.”

The much anticipated 2019 Bluefire Festival is upon us. The one-day, all-ages festival will take place on Saturday 21st September in Smithfield Square, Dublin.

This is the 7th festival which is held annually in Dublin. BlueFire is the first Irish organisation to launch a Music Declares Emergency stage with live music.

Ayomide Akinshilo
Ayomide Akinshilo

Ayomide is a journalist and editor with a passion for sports, video games and African culture. He has degrees in Mass Communication, Journalism and Media Communication.

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