5 Christmas dinner ideas if you’re vegan or vegetarian

On Christmas day there really is only one thing we think about: the dinner.

Not the presents or the carols; it’s the turkey and ham that takes over our every single thought on December 25th.

But for a lot of us, this isn’t what we naturally go for, so we’ve compiled a list of dinner ideas for every vegan, vegetarian and everything in between.

Whether you choose to cut meat from your diet or just don’t like turkey or ham (let’s be honest, turkey is dry), then this is the article for you.

  1. Vegan Nut Roast

This may be the obvious option when you think of a meatless Christmas, but we couldn’t leave it out.

Whether you buy one, which can be bought in any supermarket across the country, or make it from scratch, it’s the go-to for any vegan or veggie on Christmas day.

Packed full of root vegetables, hazelnuts and fresh herbs, not only does it make for a tasty meal, but it works all too well as a centrepiece for the table.

You can find the recipe by clicking here.

2. Vegan Christmas Bowl

vegan christmas vegetarian

A roast dinner bowl is not a common dinner choice for a veggie Christmas, but it’s definitely the closest you’ll get to having the real thing.

Packed full with roast potatoes, mash, homemade stuffing, carrots, parsnips and cranberry sauce, topped with however much gravy your heart desires, this is the easiest option for the big day.

And while it may have bowl in the title, it doesn’t have to be in one. Like a burrito bowl, it may work best this way but a normal plate will suffice.

You can find the recipe by clicking here.

3. Vegan Christmas wreath

Just like it sounds, this Christmas dinner option is a wreath you can eat.

Spinach, pine nuts and tofu cooked in a pastry centerpiece, decorated with dill and cranberries, this won’t just look the part, but taste the part too.

It’s a lot easier to cook than it sounds and won’t waste away Christmas day stuck in the kitchen, and it’s one of the healthier options for your dinner. A win-win.

You can find the recipe by clicking here.

4. Vegan Wellington

Like the nut roast, this tasty alternative can be store bought or made from scratch; it’s entirely up to you.

With roasted red pepper, kale and beetroot all combined with stuffing and covered in pastry, this can not only be great for Christmas, but any dinner party in the new year.

It may take a little more effort to make than the others on this list but it is for sure one that will be worth it in the end.

You can find the recipe by clicking here.

5. Leftover Christmas Veggie Tray Bake with cranberry and brie

vegan christmas vegetarian

Anything with the word leftovers is bound to be something to make our taste buds dance.

This is another quick and easy Christmas dinner to make and is easy on the calorie side too.

With all the traditional Christmas veggies like brussel sprouts, parsnips and carrots mixed in with roast potatoes and topped with pine nuts, cranberry sauce and brie, this may be the tastiest yet.

With Delicious magazine giving it a five star rating, it would be rude not to give it a try during the most wonderful time of the year.

You can find the recipe by clicking here.

So whether you’re just not a fan of turkey and ham, you’re avoiding meat products altogether or you just want to try something a little bit different this year, these are definitely the ones to go for.

Ellen Fitzpatrick
Ellen Fitzpatrick

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