7 of the best veggie burgers in Dublin

Having a burger once in a while is good for the soul, and who’s to say they’re only for meat-eaters? The huge recent shift in attitude towards meat consumption in Ireland means that plant-based options are more available than ever before. Dublin is ahead of the game, and was even pronounced the most vegan-friendly city in the world last year by holiday specialists Hayes & Jarvis. Though you don’t need to search for long to find a veggie burger in Dublin, here’s a list of some great options.

While it’s nice to support fully plant-based restaurants, it is sometimes necessary to accommodate meat-eating friends. We’ve featured both plant-based and meat serving restaurants below, as well as both veggie patty and “Beyond Meat” options. Take your pick.

1. The Counter, Suffolk Street / Dundrum

The Counter serves only one veggie patty, but surprise! Your options are actually unlimited. Apart from their standard menu, The Counter have a fun DIY burger system where customers can create their ideal burger through a checklist. You can customize every element of your burger from the type of bun you want down to your preferred dressing. And if you’re down for dairy, they offer customisable milkshakes too.

2. BuJo, Sandymount

BuJo were the first to introduce a “Beyond Meat” burger in Ireland. There’s a choice of vegan and vegetarian, both for €9.50; the vegan option has vegan cheese and garlic aioli, while the vegetarian burger has cheese and non-vegan BuJo sauce. This is a great option for people that are trying to eat less meat, or for vegans/vegetarians who miss the taste. If you’ve never tried “Beyond Meat” and are curious, give it a go! The longer you go without real meat, the more alarmingly accurate the imitations taste.

3. McGuinness’s, Camden Street

Of the many trials and tribulations of not eating meat, finding food after a night out can be difficult. While your friends munch away on hamburgers and chicken nuggets, often the only plant-based option is a bag of chips. It’s fair to say that McGuinnesses has changed the game for late-night vegan options in Dublin. They have a whole vegan menu, featuring nuggets, kebabs and even vegan pizzas. Their delicious homemade black bean burger is €5.50, so it’s pretty cost-effective. At the moment, McGuinness’s is only open until 10pm, but the food is just as good when you’re sober. Keep in mind it’s a takeaway service, so there’s nowhere to sit down.

4. Token, Smithfield

Token is well known amongst the Dublin vegan community for their extensive “vegan junk food” menu. A trip to the Smithfield bar/restaurant is particularly exciting as their range of arcade games can keep you busy for hours. Token’s huge vegan Big Mac comes in at €12.50, but you might find their meal deal of a meal, side, drink and 10 tokens for €24 to be better value. The Big Mac comes with a double vegan patty, vegan cheese and Big Mac sauce. Side note- their vegan spice bag is also delicious.

5. Bobo’s, Abbey Street / Dame Street / Wexford Street

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend Bobo’s unless you’re going out with meat-eating friends who’ll want beef burgers. While they have three tasty veggie options, Bobo’s specializes in beef burgers, and do all kinds of meat variations. If you’re not comfortable with meat, don’t come here! My own visit started in a small scare after I realized the seats are made of cowhide. If the abundance of meat doesn’t faze you though, the veggie burgers will make your trip worth it. Bobo’s do falafel, beetroot and mushroom burgers – my personal favourite is the beetroot. Bobo’s are located on Abbey, Dame and Wexford street, and their veggie burgers cost between €8.95-€9.95.

6. Vegan Burger Company, South William Street

Vegan Burger Company started in Dublin in March of this year. Despite a small global pandemic, they pulled through and have been getting glowing reviews from Dublin’s vegan community. True to their name, most of their main dishes are veggie burgers. Their Beyond Vegan burger – which again features “Beyond Meat” – is their most popular option. They also do soya-based milkshakes.

7. Take a Veg, Parnell Street

We’ve mentioned fake beef, but have yet to give a shoutout to fake chicken. Take a Veg’s infamous Free The Chick burger combines seitan, whole grain mustard and lettuce on a brioche bun for €8.00. That’s real vegan comfort food.

There are countless veggie burgers in Dublin to choose from these days, but these are seven of the best. If it’s not a burger you’re after, this list of vegetarian restaurants could help you out.

Marieke Oggel
Marieke Oggel

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