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Like whiskey in a jar: the best distilleries in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 3, 2020

There is a plethora of things for which Ireland is well-known, and surely one of those is whiskey production. Want to know the distilleries to visit and actually taste some uisce beatha? Have a look at this list of the best whiskey distilleries in Ireland.  The exceptional figure of George Bernard Shaw defined it as […]


Health system in Ireland: all the information you need

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 30, 2020

Moving from one country to another can be challenging. Sometimes this will mean facing some differences in terms of governmental bodies and social services providers, like, for example, the national health system. Here is all the general information you need to know about the health system in Ireland. How does the Health system work? The […]


TOP 5 EVENTS on the 29th of January in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 29, 2020

Wednesday can be a tough day to understand what to do. For this day, in the middle of the week, Dublin offers a variety of entertainments for everyone’s taste! Free stuff, fun stuff, yummy stuff: have a look at this TOP 5 EVENTS we prepared for you. Pizza Jazz at Lucky’s (Live Trio) The contemporary […]


EU/EAA Students: A guide to university applications in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 22, 2020

Struggling to get the uni application done properly? Or not sure about how to apply to a PostGrad course? Fear not, we are here to save you! We have put together a bullet-pointed guide on how to apply to universities in Ireland as an EU/EAA Student. The European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area […]


Top 5 Events on 21st of January in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 21, 2020

In this mildly cold January Tuesday, Dublin offers a wide selection of activities to enjoy. From Irish storytelling to cooking classes. Here’s the TOP 5 EVENTS for the 21st of January. You just need to pick your vibe. What would you do today in Dublin? Pole Fitness Beginners Course  If you fancy something a bit […]


Get your dancing shoes on: Dublin’s best dance classes

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 20, 2020

Dance undoubtedly mirrors the people and the traditions of a certain country. If you feel like putting on your lucky shoes and unleashing your wildest moves, take a look at these dance schools in Dublin. Between Salsa, Bachata, Irish Dance, Flamenco and Pizzica, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  January comes for everyone. And who among […]


And that’s the tea! Best tea rooms in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / January 8, 2020

If you, like me, are a great lover of tea, the miraculous hot drink, especially in such a cold and dark season (global warming definitely involved!), then this article is for you. That’s why we thought that in order to make this winter less difficult, it would be appropriate to suggest some of the best […]


Top 5 events for the 20th of December in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 20, 2019

This Friday Dublin will surprise you with a plethora of party. For you, party-animals Babylon has picked some of the best party in town for you to have a look and inspire you having the best night ever!  Which one do you choose? Give a look at our Top 5 events in Dublin for today […]


Windmill Lane Recording Studio tours now open

By Carlotta Cutrale / December 19, 2019

Music in Ireland is a big deal. This amazing country, made up of scholars and storytellers, is soaked in arts and music, with many opportunities for artists, producers and enthusiasts to express their craft. One of their sacred temples, Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, is now opening its doors for exclusive tours to the […]

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