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A Confession Of Our Feelings To 2021 Through Irish Music

By Ful Belin / January 15, 2021

Going through 2020 was a rough patch for humanity. We made it through bushfires, elections, stock market crashes, protests, explosions, and several lockdowns (which some of us still go through sadly). While we try to recover from this bizarre year, getting our hopes up for 2021 is a way for us to continue our lives. […]


9 Breathtaking Landscapes of Ireland

By Ful Belin / January 8, 2021

It is no surprise that most of the travellers who visit Ireland are here for the beautiful scenery. We owe these beautiful landscapes to natural and artificial forces that shaped them over the millennia. Having beauty is the easy part while maintaining it the hardest. Therefore, you can see many national parks and natural reserves.  […]


5 Amazing Art Pieces That Have A Touch Of Science

By Ful Belin / December 22, 2020

For many years, we distinguished and built a wall between art and science. It felt like they were two opposite things from different worlds. One was the world of creativity, expressionism, and imagination while the other was the world of numbers, experiments, and knowledge. This shows we sometimes forget humanity’s history and the legends in […]


How To Retain Information Quickly and Forget Less

By Ful Belin / December 17, 2020

Forgetting is a crucial mechanism for our brains. It helps us heal from traumas, pains, and bad experiences. It helps us to move on. Likewise, forgetting is needed due to the storage capacity of our brain. We generally forget things so we can use the space effectively for more important information. It can be said […]


6 Fresh Releases From The Irish Musicians

By Ful Belin / December 11, 2020

This year, I started to learn more about Irish music as a non-native and my playlists have never been the same since. Irish musicians’ versatilities and rich use of genres in their songs captivated me. When I listen to an Irish musician, I know I won’t listen to the typical four chords over and over […]


Do You Know Our 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

By Ful Belin / December 4, 2020

We are nearly a decade away from The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which was adopted by all of the United Nations Member States in 2015. 193 countries recognized that ending poverty, hunger, and other deprivations require a cooperative approach and while doing so, we should also fight back against climate change and preserve our […]


What is Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning? – Science Made Easy

By Ful Belin / November 27, 2020

When Alan Turing planted the first seeds of artificial intelligence by asking the legendary question “Can machines think?”, in his 1950 article, our journey with artificial intelligence also began.  We have come a long way since the 1950s and nowadays we always hear new exciting news about artificial intelligence (AI), however, this road was not […]

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