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Ful Belin Korukoğlu

Belin is an undergraduate Molecular Biology and Genetics student whose scientific journey started with an article that was about genetic engineering she once read in middle school. She desires to have the same impact on someone, someday.


5 Great Science Fiction Movies for Entering Sci-fi World

By Ful Belin Korukoğlu / November 13, 2020

Science fiction, or for short sci-fi, is a wide and rich genre of movies. Sci-fi movies usually include topics such as parallel universe, time travel, future technologies, and extraterrestrial life. It is generally called the literature of ideas since it explores the possible outcomes of innovations in the context of social, scientific, and technological areas […]


What is Chaos Theory? – Science Made Easy

By Ful Belin Korukoğlu / November 6, 2020

Perhaps you may have heard the term “butterfly effect”. It is one of the most famous and maybe intriguing examples to explain what chaos theory is and what it proposes to our lives. A flap of a butterfly’s wing in let’s say in Dublin can create a tornado in Australia. For a more general description, […]


6 Cool Future Technologies That Are Straight Out Of Sci-Fi

By Ful Belin Korukoğlu / November 3, 2020

Every science invention was once a dream or an idea. Inventors that saw far ahead of their time were so-called ‘lunatics’ and their ideas were thought to be impossible. In science fiction (sci-fi)  however, these ideas were generally welcomed. Perhaps, it was because there were many more years to accomplish them, or they represented a […]


10 Awesome Songs from Irish Indie Music on Spotify

By Ful Belin Korukoğlu / October 28, 2020

Independent music or commonly known as indie music is a term that refers to independently produced songs. These types of songs are created without commercial record labels, or their subsidiaries. However, Indie can also be used to describe a genre such as indie pop or indie rock. As a genre term, indie might include music […]


How to Do Public Speaking Effectively

By Ful Belin Korukoğlu / October 26, 2020

Public speaking has been a fear of many people ranging from students to business workers. According to The U.S National Institute of Mental Health, public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia affects about 73% of the population. Psychologists associate this common fear with our ancestral roots. When we stand in front of an audience, at a primal […]


9 Tips For Coping With Social Anxiety After Lockdown

By Ful Belin Korukoğlu / October 26, 2020

Having social anxiety after lockdown? Everyone might experience it. Being locked down in your home and isolated away from your friends and loved ones might impact you more than you ever think. However, there are some things you can do to decrease the effect of anxiety and get you back on track. It is crucial […]