Canada Prepares to Legalise Marijuana

Canada’s decision to legalize marijuana is an important step forward from illegal to medicinal to recreational and is expected to answer many questions.


Canada will be held more directly under the international microscope on Thursday. By then, the vote in the Senate will probably approve Bill C-45, making Canada the first G20 country to legalize recreational marijuana.


Benedikt Fischer, a substance use specialist at Toronto’s largest mental hospital, said: “This will be a science fiction experience for a while. This is unique in the world because it is the first time it happened in a rich country. This is unlike the existence of these state experiments in the United States. Most people will ignore Uruguay. So the world is really watching this. ”


Governments, researchers, and business leaders from around the world have their own reasons for paying attention. Legalization may affect Canadian criminal models, health, and other innumerable factors – but no one knows exactly how. Canadian provinces plan to launch a new legal market in a slightly different way, creating about a dozen mini-labs in large-scale test cases.


Even places that have already decided to legalise marijuana are hoping Canada will solve some mysteries. Since Colorado legalized marijuana five years ago, organized crime is dealt with by increasing supplies of “black tar heroin, opiates and harder drugs”, said Dr. Larry Wolk, the state’s top public health official.


However, Walker said that he is interested in seeing Canada’s expansion of this process on a wider scale, and expects that the new law will cause a greater blow to the black market. Any new illicit drug mixture in the country could have a new impact on public health.


If Canada convert illicit sellers to the new system but not only discourages underground sales will be a sign of success, said Tim Boekhout van Solinge, a Dutch criminologist.



A new survey shows that Canadians currently using marijuana expect to purchase nearly two-thirds of marijuana from legitimate retailers once recreational marijuana is legalized in Canada.


In addition, respondents surveyed stated that they wanted to purchase marijuana more frequently and that they were prepared to pay more for legitimate products, with total sales of up to US$4.34 billion next year.


These findings were done online with 1,500 Canadians, by asking Canadians from March 6-20. It was delegated by accounting giant Deloitte. They are providing audit, consulting, financial advisory and tax services.


“What is certain is that legalization will open the doors to a dynamic and sophisticated industry that will create new jobs, new opportunities for businesses and new revenue for government,” Deloitte concludes in a report on the survey. Executed well, legalization will also help shift a considerable proportion of cannabis consumption to legal channels in the years to come.”

Michelle Li
Michelle Li

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