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KathyAnn Murphy

KathyAnn is a playwright, theatre and film designer and director from Co. Wicklow. She holds an MA in Theatre Practise and a BA in Design for Stage and Screen. She is a third level tutor, drama teacher and is currently studying a Diploma in Irish Studies. KathyAnn has a great interest in the arts, social justice, history and music.


Feature: Ella Green Jewellery

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 16, 2021

We often see articles and features regarding women in business and female entrepreneurs. It’s hugely important to me to give a platform to these women and express my support for their businesses. As we know, it’s extremely difficult to keep a company afloat during these unprecedented times. However, many businesses have moved online, offering click […]


Review: Stage to Screen, Romeo and Juliet at the National

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 15, 2021

Theatres across the globe have been gathering dust over the past year, and bar a few online streams, the majority of small scale theatres have taken a hit financially. This has led to numerous closures. Not only has this had a grave affect on the businesses that run these theatres, but also on everyone who […]


Trending Apps for 2021

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 12, 2021

As we all spend more time indoors over the past year, we have been glued to our phones as a form of social interaction, staying up to date with ongoing news reports on the current economic and health situation. However our phones have also been a form of continuous entertertainment. Apps that I find myself […]


How Jazz Influenced the Civil Rights Movement

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 8, 2021

Music can be a form of expression of our own opinions, life experiences, and can also be heavily influenced by pop culture when the song is written. However, music also aids a “helping hand” to political reforms. In recent years, we have seen the resurgence of racist attacks through the Western world. Racism has been […]


The Rise of the Small Business: a feature of new online businesses

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 7, 2021

According to financialwolves.com, starting an online business is the best way to make money but by no means can this be related to ‘getting rich quick’. Nevertheless, it is very plausible that your business could develop into a larger franchise. A lot of companies have actually moved online from physical sales. Not only has this […]


Feature: O’Cuana Music ‘Momentum’

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 4, 2021

Music is the heartbeat that helps us through life’s experiences, good and bad; music allows us to express our true selves in an artistic way. Like many creatives, musicians have been able to adapt and conquer during this time of isolation. It has allowed them to focus on their musiccraft and also experiment with new […]


The Dangers of TikTok for Children

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 29, 2021

A large number of children have spent months of the pandemic being home-schooled and over 97% of young people were on the internet for the majority of the day. This didn’t stop after school hours. And what else is there to do during these lockdowns, other than to allow children to play on their tablets, […]


5 Hotspots for Staycations in Wicklow

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 26, 2021

There have been many hints towards the possibility of staycations in Ireland this coming summer. With the economic downturn in the hospitality and small business sectors, it would be a great opportunity for us to give back to our local amenities and businesses by staying within our country during these summer holidays.  Virtual tourism: new […]


How Painting can help Alzheimer’s Disease

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 22, 2021

Like any disease, Alzheimer’s affects different people differently and there are numerous diagnoses depending on neurological factors. According to the Alzheimer’s Society: “Dementia is the name for a set of symptoms that includes memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Dementia develops when the brain is damaged by diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s […]

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