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    Dublin Theatre Festival 2021

    By Gandharva Joshi / August 18, 2021

    The 2021 instalment of the Dublin Theatre Festival launched its programme on 12th August, with more than 30 performances and audiences in venues around the capital. Priority booking for ‘friends’ of the festival opened at noon on August 11th, whereas general booking is set to open at noon on Tuesday, August 24th. The festival has […]


    Salvador Dalí’s Lasting Commercial Impact

    By Gandharva Joshi / July 15, 2021

    Dali’s lasting commercial impact  A brief insight into the commercial world inspired by the great surrealist    Portrait of Salvador Dalí, Paris (Carl Van Vechten) Introduction  Many remember Salvador Dalí as someone who spent much of his life promoting himself and, simultaneously, creating surreal masterpieces that have had a lasting impact within the art and […]


    Irish Artists: Mary Swanzy and Cubism

    By Gandharva Joshi / June 15, 2021

    Emergence of Cubism (early 1900s)  Cubism, generally thought of as one of the most thought provoking and evocative art movements, served as a crucial link between 20th-century avant-garde art and contemporary new-age mediums. The movement’s “modernist impulse” challenged and instigated the established  “art canon” norms. It emerged amongst other radical movements, yet retained a unique […]


    Gothic Ireland: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

    By Gandharva Joshi / June 6, 2021

    Artistic and Architectural highlights of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral  Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the national cathedral of the Church of Ireland, located in Dublin. It is also designated as the local cathedral of the Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. The site was initially known for a holy well that was used by Saint Patrick for baptisms […]


    Monastic Ireland: The Mendicant Orders

    By Gandharva Joshi / May 28, 2021

    Analysing the world of the mendicants and their lifestyle through a contemporary lens Mendicants were fascinating and solitary communities who possessed an ornate charm and lived by a vow of absolute poverty and dedication to an ascetic way of life. They believed that they should live in a world of similar absolutes, just like their […]


    Irish Artists: The Duality of Harry Clarke

    By Gandharva Joshi / May 27, 2021

    The Duality of Harry Clarke: A master stained-glass artist and a controversial illustrator Harry Patrick Clarke remains one of Ireland’s greatest stained glass artists and illustrators. His vivid imagination, combined with marvellous originality in his subject matters and his execution of the stained glass technique, truly makes him with a leading figure in the Irish […]


    Medieval Ireland: St. Doulagh’s Church

    By Gandharva Joshi / May 20, 2021

    Analysing a prime example of Irish medieval architecture and Dublin’s oldest stone-roofed church still in use- St Doulagh’s Historical Significance  St Doulagh’s Church, located just 10 kilometres from Dublin city in Fingal, is the oldest stone-roofed church still in use in Ireland, sits on the site of a historic monastic settlement founded by the Saint […]


    The Rise and Rise of NFTs

    By Gandharva Joshi / May 18, 2021

    Recently, the NFT phenomenon has taken over the digital art world. Artists, authors and musicians alike are monetising this opportunity, however, is it a contemporary fad or here to stay?  The rise and significant popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum has been surprisingly well received. Even the most skeptical financial institutions have now embraced […]

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