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Gandharva Joshi

Recent 23 year old MPhil in Art History and Architecture graduate from Trinity College who holds great passion for the arts, culture and heritage industries. You can usually find me painting, reading or watching World War 2 documentaries on Netflix. Contact me for any info or collaboration ideas on my Instagram- @notjoshie


Restitution and Repatriation: Art and Culture in 2021

By Gandharva Joshi / April 30, 2021

Art and Culture in 2021: Restitution and Repatriation  From Benin bronzes to Ancient Fayum portraits, across Europe, repatriation and subsequent decolonisation movements have reinvigorated cultural institutions to introspect and rethink their established exhibits.  Colonial art and artefacts have long been the treasured displays of many Western museums over the centuries. One of the most treasured […]


Dublin Sculpture Series: Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture

By Gandharva Joshi / April 26, 2021

Immortalisation of the Irish author, poet, and playwright in Merrion Square – across the street from Wilde’s birthplace and childhood home The Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture is a collection of three statues situated in Merrion Square in Dublin, celebrating the Irish poet and playwright.  The sculptures were unveiled in 1997 and were designed and sculpted […]


Re-opening of the National Gallery of Ireland

By Gandharva Joshi / April 22, 2021

The much awaited phased re-opening of The National Gallery of Ireland is on track for May 2021. What changes can the public expect? And what’s on display?  Re-opening of the gallery 2021   As with most of the Mondrians, Jack B. Yeats hangs in the empty halls of the National Gallery of Ireland, but news of […]