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Irish Artists: The Duality of Harry Clarke

By Gandharva Joshi / May 27, 2021

The Duality of Harry Clarke: A master stained-glass artist and a controversial illustrator Harry Patrick Clarke remains one of Ireland’s greatest stained glass artists and illustrators. His vivid imagination, combined with marvellous originality in his subject matters and his execution of the stained glass technique, truly makes him with a leading figure in the Irish […]


Fasting In A Foreign Land: Observing religious festivals as a foreigner

By Sonia / April 28, 2021

The discipline of fasting dates to ancient times, is common to nearly every religion in the world (as well as philosophical systems like Stoicism), and is mentioned in the Bible more times than baptism.  As it is with the spring season setting in Lent just ended, Christians, specifically Catholics, give up certain foods or practice […]


Is the #BodyPositivity movement toxic?

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 21, 2021

According to the Cambridge Dictionary; “body positivity is rooted in loving your body and gaining self confidence”. Personally, I feel like the concept of body positivity really evolved when I was a late teen, moving into college years. I think this is because I grew up in the 2000’s. In my opinion, this era was […]


Review: Stage to Screen, Romeo and Juliet at the National

By KathyAnn Murphy / April 15, 2021

Theatres across the globe have been gathering dust over the past year, and bar a few online streams, the majority of small scale theatres have taken a hit financially. This has led to numerous closures. Not only has this had a grave affect on the businesses that run these theatres, but also on everyone who […]


The Beauty of Walking in a Locked Down World

By Sean Barrett / April 4, 2021

The pandemic, which began more than a year ago, has left most of us scrambling to keep our lives and minds stitched together as best we can; how we do so differs dramatically from person to person. Some of you might have found solace in year-round spring cleans, or perhaps you’ve found comfort in food, […]


The Dangers of TikTok for Children

By KathyAnn Murphy / March 29, 2021

A large number of children have spent months of the pandemic being home-schooled and over 97% of young people were on the internet for the majority of the day. This didn’t stop after school hours. And what else is there to do during these lockdowns, other than to allow children to play on their tablets, […]


7 Podcasts to add to your day

By Sean Barrett / March 17, 2021

7 Podcasts to add to your day The entire world is going through a difficult period with the current persistent lockdowns, but we must keep our bodies, spirits, and minds constantly active. In the last 12 months of lockdowns, podcasts have become a fantastic way to achieve this. The beauty of podcasts is that they […]


The Irish schooling system: playing catch-up with the world

By Sonia / February 23, 2021

Understanding the Irish schooling system The sixteenth-century Tudor monarchs’ establishment of the first state-funded Educational institutions in Ireland, with the first printing presses appearing under Henry Queen Elizabeth; all in all, this led to the establishing Trinity College Dublin, approving the printing of the first Irish language books, and instructing Latin-free schools be established in […]


Instant photography: its worth in a digital world

By Sean Barrett / January 29, 2021

Instant photography has seen a resurgence in recent years; it’s no longer being seen as a gimmick that has somehow lasted beyond its bygone era. But the question still remains: why do people choose to use an analogue device when so many digital options are at their disposal? By examining what makes instant photography so […]


Top 5 Remarkable Ted Talks That Helped Me In My Personal Development

By Ful Belin / November 10, 2020

Personal development is something that never ends until the day we die. We continue to grow with each step we take and the mistakes we make. The concept facilitates us on many levels. It might be used to raise self-awareness and knowledge along with identifying our potential. This can be seen at the base level […]

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