Earth Day: Positive effects of Coronavirus

These days, it seems like only bad news is allowed. This crisis is freaking us out more than ever but, as the proverb says, every cloud has a silver lining! Humanity and the environment finally feel closer to each other after two centuries of the Industrial Revolution, solidarity is on the rise again and Planet Earth is healthier due to COVID-19.

Have a seat, grab your favourite tea mug and have a look at these positive effects of Coronavirus on Earth World Day!

50 years ago, millions of people striked for environmental rights. Today, Earth World Day is considered ‘the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year’. This year is special, as it is the first time it will take place exclusively online. Zac Efron and some experts will be hosting this event filled with lots of activities to practice while learning about the power of being united on the Earth Day Official Site

Cool things are happening these days. Coronavirus is the main issue at this moment, even on Earth Day. Perhaps paradoxically, the pandemic has made us grow together and as people. Because of that, Babylon has collected the best wonderful consequences of this double-edged sword. Enjoy your reading!

Lower levels of pollution

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Studies show that 9 out of 10 people all around the world inhale polluted air. These statistics have changed a little bit since governments all around the world started saying that staying at home was the best medicine for COVID-19. Good news for your lungs: lockdown measures have improved air quality! 

 The International Research Institute for Climate said it: “This coupling suggests that we might have an unexpected surprise due to the coronavirus pandemic: a slowdown in carbon dioxide emissions due to reduced energy consumption.”

Hundreds of factories remain closed. Airports are empty and the sky is clear. Car traffic has been reduced by 80% and the Earth knows it. Based on NASA’s Global Modeling and Assimilation Office, nitrogen dioxide is at record lows in China, pretty similar as in South Korea, Italy, and Spain. What’s more, Italian canals’ water is cleaner and New Delhi’s air doesn’t seem smog-filled anymore. After all, it is better to see the glass as half full than half empty, don’t you think so? 

Less dependence on spending money

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“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Insatiable: there isn’t a better word to describe modern people. We want more clothes, a better Smartphone, the coolest car, we want to be as fashionable as possible, more clothes, more food, more money… These past months, Planet Earth screamed: STOP! 

Since then, most of us appreciate what we have instead of what we don’t, what we are instead of what we aren’t. We are pleased. And without even thinking about it, we are embracing the Minimalist Philosophy. Put its main motto into practice: ‘Love people, use things’.

Creativity increasing

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Being bored makes our brain confused. We are not used to it. Because of that, our most important muscle is constantly devising. Should I start playing an instrument? Should I become healthier and do some exercise harder than going from the sofa to the fridge jogging? The obvious answer is: yes! The more you move, the healthier you are. 

Take a pen and some paper and start a gratitude journal. Create a Tik Tok account and have fun. Use that old camera you never use, take creative memories from this historical moment. Let your mind flow and use watercolour technique to clear your thoughts. You don’t have to be a professional; just get started.

Appreciating whats seems obvious

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United we stand! Family, friends, lovers, that neighbour you hardly knew: Coronavirus has strengthened relationships and has given back what was taken from us. Humanity has realised that individual decisions are much more powerful if we act collectively. We have turned the balance and love reigns again.  

This lockdown made us think about the little things, appreciating what seems obvious. The water that comes from opening the tap, a fridge full of food and snacks, a warm bed, a place for shelter. A body and a mind with equal potential to grow. Books, films, TV shows, lots of stories to discover. Isn’t it the best time in History to be in lockdown?

Animals on the street

Coyotes in San Francisco streets, goats in Whales, wild boars in Barcelona, peacocks in Madrid, rats all around the world: wild but harmless animals are living new adventures these weeks. Without humans outside, they are discovering again the world that once belonged to them.

“They come back from their free will, or when they get bored”, a Spanish citizen says.

Supporting local shops

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This crisis has taken a toll against freelancers too: same taxes, lower selling. On the other hand, society has shown them their gratitude by buying at small shops around the corner rather than supermarkets full of people fighting for toilet paper. By contributing this way, we share. We demonstrate once again that solidarity is here to stay while becoming healthier in the process.


Paraphrasing Emerson, ‘the sun shines today also’. Babylon wishes you the best quarantine ever. We will emerge stronger from this crisis. And please remember that power is always within you. Stay positive. Have a lovely Earth Day!

More information about Earth World Day: #EarthDayAtHome with NASA

Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira

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