Feature: O’Cuana Music ‘Momentum’

Music is the heartbeat that helps us through life’s experiences, good and bad; music allows us to express our true selves in an artistic way.
Like many creatives, musicians have been able to adapt and conquer during this time of isolation. It has allowed them to focus on their musiccraft and also experiment with new forms of writing.
I spoke with rising artist O’Cuana about his music career so far, living abroad, and his new single “Momentum”.

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Can you tell me a little bit about your profession?

So I go by “O’Cuana”, which is the Irish for my surname. I’m a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. Been playing music my whole life, and only in the last year started gigging and writing songs.

Where are you working from at the moment?

Working from Gorey, Co Wexford at the moment. I got back from Canada last year and am bunking with the mother until I get back on my feet and this pandemic goes bye bye.

How has Covid affected your career?

It’s really tough because I only started gigging last year, and that led to more gigs and subsequently getting signed by a label within the space of 6 months (which is bonkers!!!) and to come back home to a Level 5 Lockdown where I can’t gig. Iit has put everything to a stand still, so it’s pretty frustrating.

Tell me a little about your single?

Yes, I’m single. Just kidding.
My single “Momentum” comes out on the 20th of April. It’s the first song I’ve ever written. After that, I had unlocked the rules of songwriting (or lack thereof).

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What was the inspiration?

It was inspired by a relationship I wasn’t even in (everyone knows how that is, right??). It’s all about how one gets in one’s head too much in the beginning of a potential relationship.

When did you first start playing music ?

When I was in school, I chose music as a subject, so I started getting guitar lessons around age 13. After a few years, I kept with it and was starting to put cool licks and chords together. But with regard to songwriting, I’ve always gotten in my own way in terms of overthinking the process. What’s coming out now is the accumulation of all the cool chord progressions or melodies that had gone through my head over the years.

Where can we find your work (social handles etc)

I’m on Facebook and instagram at O’Cuana Music and I have a YouTube page where I put out covers.
I’m also in the process of building my Website which will be www.ocuanamusic.com

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“Momentum” streams from 20 April 2021. You can pre-save it on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify now at: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ocuana/momentum

KathyAnn Murphy
KathyAnn Murphy

KathyAnn is a playwright, theatre and film designer and director from Co. Wicklow. She holds an MA in Theatre Practise and a BA in Design for Stage and Screen. She is a third level tutor, drama teacher and is currently studying a Diploma in Irish Studies. KathyAnn has a great interest in the arts, social justice, history and music.

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