Get ready for pubs reopening: Fresh Irish music

Are you ready for Irish pubs reopening on September 21st? I’m sure you all are. We all miss a good pint after work, surrounded by friends whilst listening with admiration to the person performing. Before they reopen, you can have a chance to listen to brand new Irish music. 

Music inspires us and so did lockdown. During this time, many people improved at least one of their skills, even the hidden ones. Boredom increases our creativity and this is the main reason why lots of artists have released great new material. 

Having said that, Babylon brings you a short list of 11 reasons why you should get ready for pubs opening.

The Evening – Kodaline

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]6JafubLV9jo[/wpdevart_youtube]

At the top of Irish indie rock bands, Kodaline just released One Day At A Time, their fourth album. This adds a new chapter to the crew’s career that has already encompassed three #1 album’s in their home country. The fourth and last episode of their livestream series, Live show!, is available to buy now too. This time, Steve and the band will play a mix of all 4 albums thrown into one hour long show. You will feel like you are at a summer festival! 

Klub Silberrücken – Silverbacks

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]NQaaiY6B7-A[/wpdevart_youtube]

This Dublin five-piece band exploded onto the scene not long ago. Klub Silberrücken is the eleventh song of Fad, their debut album. This post-punk group’s next show is on February 27th, have a look here for booking.

Sunny – Fontaines D.C. 

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]u88AF36tBmU[/wpdevart_youtube]

Only 18 months after releasing their debut album Dogret, these Dubliners are back again. We really love their use of post-punk sensibilities and their new album A Hero’s Death is a one of a kind. Can’t wait to see in live again!

Identical – Phoenix 23

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]_mcDzf4l9Og[/wpdevart_youtube]

This five-piece band created their single ‘Identical’ as part of the original soundtrack of the motion picture “On The Rocks”. Also, in memory of Philippe Zdar, their lovely and recently deceased producer.

Lean on it – delush

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]p_yZCBMvOfA[/wpdevart_youtube]

Enda Gallery is an Irish musician based in Berlin. This young artist has released this unique track after producing, writing and collaborating with German artists. His new project is inspired by Frank Ocean and Sujfan Stevens, he proudly says. We want to hear more from you already!

Bang a Gong (Get it on) – U2 ft Elton John From the album ‘Angel Headed Hipster, The Songs of Marc Bolan & T.Rex.’ 

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]YCaZT9UyzkE[/wpdevart_youtube]

One of the most loved irish bands all around the world just released their version of this song with the virtuous Elton John. It’s part of a cover album called ‘Angel Headed Hipster, The Songs of Marc Bolan & T.Rex.’ Listen here.

Superman – Paj

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]OeQFa7Bl75o[/wpdevart_youtube]

Paddy Groenland uses a curious vocal register, mixing whispers with highs and lows. What’s more, the guitarist teaches in Dublin and online. Contact him if you’re thinking about getting into guitar!

Holy Show – Pillow Queens

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]fvHd0vId3uo[/wpdevart_youtube]

Holy Show is the final product of a lovely indie-rock single. Pillow Queens don’t like to label themselves which makes the four-piece girls band even more distinctive. Check out their debut album ‘In Waiting’ out on Sept 25th.

Timeline – PureGrand

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]8Squ47KfipI[/wpdevart_youtube]

Luke Faulkner is a 24 year old Dubliner who combines sexuality, masculinity, pop culture and youth culture as main themes in his projects. Half singer, half photographer, he will release his first album in 2021. Reminiscent of 90’s pop vibes, Timeline talks about millennials being stuck in a point of their life and how to deal with pressure.

RUNAWAY – Lucy McWilliams

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]bymsX3F1yts[/wpdevart_youtube]

The retro aesthetic used in the RUNAWAY clip is just amazing. Her vocals, wow, she knows how to let rip a voice. Small portraits of soul and bossa nova sweep in the chorus making you feel you are another character in the film. Lucy McWilliams, you rock!

I Should Go – James Vincent McMorrow ft Kenny Beats

[wpdevart_youtube caption=”” align=”left”]e4eZKOBmUVA[/wpdevart_youtube]

One of our favourite Dublin composers continues standing strong. His voice absolutely calms the beasts. This time, the American producer Kenny Beats is joining him on this adventure. Get tickets for seeing James Vincent McMorrow next April 17th here.  

Which track did you like the most? Are you ready yet?

Tami Pereira
Tami Pereira

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