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Air pollution is more lethal than you think

By Erica Carter / March 4, 2021

Air pollution from fine airborne particles is responsible for around 725 deaths in Dublin and around 1,300 nationally every year, according to research. A study published by the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the number of expected deaths in the city from pollution from diesel vehicles alone could be up to 144 per annum. Most […]


Why does the gender pay gap still exist?

By Erica Carter / March 3, 2021

The Gender Pay Gap (GPG) is defined as the percentage difference between the average gross hourly earnings for women and men. It compares the pay of  all working men and women; not just those in similar jobs, with similar working patterns or with similar competencies, qualifications or experience.  Gender equality in the workplace in Ireland […]


This is what to do if you’re questioning whether you’re LGBT+

By Erica Carter / February 28, 2021

According to data from the national LGBT+ youth organisation, BeLonG To Youth Services, 58% of LGBT+ youth find “coming out” their biggest challenge. For 58% of young people who access the organisation’s frontline services in Dublin, coming out as LGBT+ was their reason for reaching out for support. The organisation has experienced an 88% spike […]


Vaccination passports: the important facts you to know

By Erica Carter / February 21, 2021

As vaccination is well underway globally, health and technology groups are working together to create a digital vaccination passport in the expectation that governments, airlines and other businesses will require proof people have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Top 5 facts to know before getting the Covid-19 vaccine Currently, the International Air Transport Association is trialling […]


The shocking environmental truth of commercial holidays

By Erica Carter / February 18, 2021

With Valentine’s Day just gone by and Mother’s Day coming up next week, it’s important to look at the waste these sort of commercial holidays can cause. Things like excessive food waste, fireworks, cards and wrapping paper can have a negative  effect on the environment. Environmental inequalities in Ireland Overeating over holidays like Christmas is […]


Leaving Cert 2021 to go ahead with two options

By Erica Carter / February 18, 2021

Leaving Cert students have finally been given clarity as they will be given the option of a modified version of calculated grades or sitting their written exams in June. It is also likely any oral and practical assessments will go ahead in the coming weeks. The Cabinet sub-committee on Education met yesterday as Taoiseach Micheal […]


The body positive influencers you should be following

By Erica Carter / February 13, 2021

The body positive movement is one of the best things to infiltrate social media over the last couple of years, and it is doing a great job of showing that all body types, races and ethnicities are beautiful. And even though apps like Instagram and TikTok continue to contain diet ads and influencers promoting dubious […]


Everything coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021

By Erica Carter / February 6, 2021

WandaVision, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series as well as the first installment of Marvel’s Phase 4 landed last month with a bang. It was the first Marvel project we had seen since Spiderman: Far From Home in 2019 and for many fans, it didn’t disappoint. Here’s everything we can expect this year from […]


6 great skincare tips for this harsh cold weather

By Erica Carter / February 4, 2021

Skincare is super important, especially in harsh weather conditions. Cold, dry air can leave your skin itchy, red, and irritated. The cold air robs the natural moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and itchy. It can even cause severe dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. That’s why you need to take care of it. Combat […]


6 fun fashion trends for men this coming spring

By Erica Carter / January 30, 2021

Loose fit Figure-hugging fits have been dominating menswear trends for years. However, baggy clothes reminiscent of 90’s Chandler Bing have made a comeback. Loose cuts are creeping up into mainstream fashion and looks set to continue for many more years to come. Time to swap skinny jeans for a straight leg style. But you just […]

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