6 of the Best Cocktails to Celebrate the End of the Year

The holiday season has finally started. People are looking for gifts and recipes while trying to figure out how to celebrate the holidays with Covid. Many of us are looking forward to starting 2021 with a clean slate, but before, we must celebrate the end of the year. 

Whether it is for Christmas, dinner with friends or New Year’s Eve, it is always fun to prepare original cocktails for our loved ones. Here are 6 of the best cocktails to celebrate the end of the year as we should. Get the bottles out, clean some fancy glasses and prepare the ice !

Brandy Alexander 

This American cocktail is likely adapted from the Alexander cocktail, which used gin instead of brandy. It is said that it was brought back to life during prohibition in New York City. If you are having a themed party, it will be the perfect drink.

You will need brandy (or cognac), crème de cacao, cream and nutmeg. It is easy enough to make it, as you just need to bring the ingredients together and shake. Here is the more detailed recipe

6 of the Best Cocktails to celebrate the end of the year


This cocktail is named after the beautiful red flower from central America that is often used in Christmas displays. 

You will need cranberry juice, triple sec (or cointreau) and some champagne or any other sparkling wine. It is light on alcohol and can be a great way to finish any champagne bottles. You can add some cranberries as a garnish to give the drink a “Christmas vibe”. Click here for the detailed recipe

6 of the Best Cocktails to celebrate the end of the year


This Italian eggnog-like drink is a tradition on ski slopes in the Alps. As Europe is talking about keeping the ski stations closed for the Christmas holidays, I thought it would be nice to prepare this one at home. Sure, it won’t be the same without the snow and the cold, but it can be a great end of the night cocktail for all the sweet tooths out there. 

You will need brandy, egg liqueur, and some whipped cream and cinnamon for the topping. 

There are a few versions of this drink, with whiskey instead of Brandy, or espresso instead of alcohol. No matter which one you choose to make, you will have a little taste of Italy with you! Click here for the alcoholic recipe

Candy Cane Cocktail 

What would be Christmas without the candy canes? Whether they are used as decorations or candies, they are one of the symbols of Christmas. America decided to use the canes into a sweet cocktail, like a taste of the Christmas spirit itself.

6 of the Best Cocktails to celebrate the end of the year

You will need berry vodka, peppermint schnapps, crème de cacao, grenadine, half and half (equal amounts of milk and cream), soda water, and some crushed candy cane for decorum. Here is the recipe

If you wish to try this drink but the list of ingredients is daunting, some people actually only use berry vodka, mint liqueur, cranberry juice and crushed candy cane. This recipe will help you make this fun cocktail at home. 


This traditional English drink is a must if you are looking for something to warm up you and your friends.

Wassailing is an old pagan tradition from the South of England, in the apple cider region. It was a celebration in the fall, singing and reciting incantations in an orchard to promote a good harvest. Part of the tradition involved going door to door and offering a drink in exchange for gifts. Nowadays, this drink is more common at the end of the year and the door to door tradition was replaced by caroling. 

You will need apple cider, orange or lemons (or both), cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and brown sugar. I have found many different recipes online for this drink. Some people like to add bourbon or rum to spice it up even more, some use pineapple juice, and I even found one with beer. Here is one possible recipe for the Wassail.

Cinnamon butter rum 

Also called hot buttered rum, this is another traditional English and American cocktail. Easy to make, and easy to spice up, this drink has a long history, and is often made out of a family recipe. 

You will need butter, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and spiced rum. It is also possible to find recipes with juice or coffee. This easy recipe should help you create that comfy drink to enjoy on cold days. 

6 of the Best Cocktails to celebrate the end of the year

As you enjoy one (or more) of these drinks, remember to stay safe and take care of the persons you love. The holidays are about more than gifts. It should be a time to appreciate what we have and the people in our lives, whether we can see them or not. 

Alexiane Bacle
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