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Italian Prime Minister resigned after collapse of coalition

By Francesco Iriti / August 21, 2019

The Italian Government will change again in the next couple of months. 14 months after elections, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella. The decision was taken after the collapse of the party’s coalition between Five Star Movement (M5S) and Lega. Italian Prime Minister resigned Yesterday evening, Conte spoke on […]


UK economy suffers before Brexit

By Francesco Iriti / August 9, 2019

The Uk economy has started to suffer before the Brexit. The country is preparing to leave the EU on October 31st but it has to consider the consequences. In fact, Britain’s economy shrank for the first time since 2012 in the second quarter. Uk after Brexit With prime minister Boris Johnson’s government committed to leaving […]


Is Parmigiano perfect food?

By Francesco Iriti / January 29, 2019

Is Parmigiano perfect food? Parmigiano-Reggiano is a cheese that can only be made with extremely precise ingredients. There are only three ingredients: milk, salt, and rennet, the enzyme that curdles milk. There is Parmigiano’s taste: salty but sweet, grassy but nutty, sharp but rich. There’s its texture: hard but grainy, popping with white crystals. Parmigiano: […]


Petr Cech retires at the end of the season

By Francesco Iriti / January 15, 2019

The Arsenal keeper Petr Cech give us incredible news. He will retire at the end of the season. An important decision for the 36-year-old keeper. The announcement “This is my 20th season as a professional player and it has been 20 years since I signed my first professional contract, so it feels like the right […]


Euro 2020 draw: the groups

By Francesco Iriti / December 3, 2018

Netherlands against Germany is the big match for Euro 2020 qualifiers. The draw in Dublin has defined the ten qualifying rounds for Euro 2020. 42 football nations will play between March and November 2019, with the winner and runner-up of each group going through directly. Euro 2020 draw The qualifying process is condensed because of […]


California wildfires: Death toll is increasing

By Francesco Iriti / November 12, 2018

California wildfires: the Death toll is increasing. 31 victims died due the wildfires but unfortunately this number is provisional. In fact, more than 200 people are still missing. This fire now equals the deadliest on record in California – the 1933 Griffith Park disaster in Los Angeles. California wildfires: the Death toll At the moment only […]


Coeliac disease vaccine

By Francesco Iriti / November 3, 2018

A vaccine to cure coeliac disease. There is good news for the coeliac people in the world. An international team of scientists in Australia is beginning to test a vaccine with the hope to end the need for coeliacs to adhere to gluten-free diets. The Vaccine to cure the coeliac disease The vaccine, named Nexvax2, […]


Is a Brexit deal still ‘achievable’?

By Francesco Iriti / October 16, 2018

The Brexit Deal is European’s most important issue. UK Prime Minister Theresa May is continuing to negotiate with the other ministers but at the moment there isn’t a definitive solution. Brexit Deal: Ireland afraid Meanwhile, the Brexit deal is looking “more difficult” because of the border question. Northern Ireland and The Repulic of Ireland are […]


Google+ is dead

By Francesco Iriti / October 10, 2018

Google+ is shutting down. Google announced last Monday that it was officially shutting down the platform for consumers. The process will be concluded in ten months. Low engagement The final decision has been taken by Google after a bug was discovered in March. The internal system found a security glitch that exposed 500 thousand Google […]


Banksy Painting Self-Destructs

By Francesco Iriti / October 8, 2018

The Girl With Balloon is gone. On Friday, October 5, one of Banksy’s best known works of art ended up going through a shredder. Just a few seconds after it auctioned for 1.4 million, the painting appeared to self-destruct at Sotheby’s in London. It was an incredible situation for all the people there. What happened […]

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