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Countries providing Post-Study Work Permit

By Yukti Khera / December 29, 2020

Studying overseas is one of the dreams that almost every student shares and working where you studied is an opportunity every student should try to grasp. This provides these students with an excellent resume, which helps their chances of immigrating to their respective countries. Institutions also play a vital role in this scenario. Some countries […]


8 amazing tips to deal with and minimise job search burnout

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / December 23, 2020

Looking for work is never easy, that’s for sure. Now, with COVID-19, employment opportunities are harder to get than ever before. This might have caused you to start feeling job search burnout.  Job: Luxury or Struggle? New jobs as a result of covid 19: Marmitex But how do you distinguish typical stress from job search […]


10 amazing free online courses to improve your CV

By Sonia / December 21, 2020

In today’s post, we’re presenting the top 10 online courses, which teach different, yet powerful skills that will make your CV shine. As a significantly difficult year comes to a close, many of us are applying for our next job. When it comes to writing, those few pages that can make or break the deal, […]


Gender Equality at the Workplace in Ireland

By Ananya Vatsa / November 26, 2020

Employment equality was essential to the achievement of gender equality in Ireland as it was prescribed as a core concept in the Treaty of Rome 1958, the Treaty forming the European Economic Union. Ireland’s membership of the then EEC in 1973 allowed it to follow the statutory acquis relating to that theory. Women that changed […]


Job: Luxury or Struggle?

By Yukti Khera / November 12, 2020

The job hiring system today has its own methodical requirements which are not just your merit anymore.   Admission to a college or university depends on what we accomplish in school. These grades are a source of admission for further education. Though, alongside grades, there’s also another number of things that should be counted. These achievements, […]


All you need to know about Irish visa renewal in 2020

By Alpona / November 3, 2020

Are you among those who have been left infuriated with the Irish visa renewal procedures after spending long hours on the online INIS website and eventually have to courier your documents to the Burgh Quay centre if you’re in Dublin? Well then, you’re not alone in what seems to be like a never-ending exhausting battle […]


New jobs as a result of covid 19: Marmitex

By Judit Sadurni / October 31, 2020

Covid-19 has led to the creation of new jobs. Longtime businesses have had to adapt themselves to this situation by creating online platforms to reach their audience. And, in general, advertising campaigns are becoming more and more persuasive, appealing to general feelings and emotions.  The first estimates from the International Labor Organization (ILO) show a […]


Au pair experiences in Ireland: 5 fascinating stories

By Julia Villanueva / October 30, 2020

We hear many stories about au pairs, from them feeling like a member of the family, to going through nightmares with their hosts. Each of them lives a completely unique experience and, even with the bad ones, lessons are learnt. We have interviewed five au pairs, and they all have their own story to tell […]


5 Of The Best Online Learning Platforms

By Cliona Perrick / October 28, 2020

Ireland has decided to go into another 6 week lockdown which started on 21st of October 2020. The country will be in a 6 week lockdown to aid in minimising the spread in Covid-19 and lower the cases. This being our second lockdown, we now know the do’s and don’ts of how to spend our […]


The Experience of wait-staff during Covid-19

By Laura Varley / October 24, 2020

Covid-19 has hit the earth like a proverbial asteroid. And much like the dinosaurs surely did, we are scrambling around trying to get our bearings. All sectors of Irish society have been hit and restaurant workers in particular are constantly waiting for another, inevitable blow. Since the conception of this article and the interview, Ireland […]

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