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9 Breathtaking Landscapes of Ireland


It is no surprise that most of the travellers who visit Ireland are here for the beautiful scenery. We owe these beautiful landscapes to natural and artificial forces that shaped them over the millennia. Having beauty is the easy part…

10 Surprising Facts about Ireland

10 surprising facts about Ireland

Ireland has its way of surprising the world with its old and new discoveries. The country’s exceptional food and drinks have already won our hearts, as Ireland’s welcoming hospitality continues to attract tourists. Still, Ireland always finds new ways of…

An accent 300 years in the making


    How Irish immigrants influenced accents and culture in the Caribbean   What’s in an accent?   When people think about Irish immigration, they think largely about America, specifically New York, Chicago and Boston. A lesser known fact is…

Best Things to do in West of Ireland

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The west of Ireland is spectacular, full of sweeping cliffs and vibrant towns like Galway and Limerick; it is a real treasure chest. Be sure to check out these magical things to do in the west of Ireland from jamming…