INIS state you will no longer need to submit your passport

The Immigration office (INIS) has released good news for Immigrants in Ireland as it announced That “From 02 December 2020, customers renewing their Immigration Registration Permission will no longer need to submit their passport to have an immigration stamp attached by their Registration Office.” as stated on the INIS Website


Furthermore, the Burgh Quay Office will reopen tomorrow for appointment holders. More importantly, there will no longer be a need for applicants to send their original passports to the INIS office when seeking to renew their immigration status. Individuals can continue to use their passport for other purposes during this time. 


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INIS will no longer stamp your passport at renewal and your new IRP card will act as your basis of residence in the State.


The changes in the renewal process are as follows:


INIS guideline for renewals for Dublin-based Customers

If you are living in the Dublin area, submit your renewal application via the online system and upload all supporting documentation required. You will need to scan and upload the page in your passport that contains your personal details. Once your application is processed, your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card will be posted to the address you have supplied.


INIS guideline for Renewals for Customers living outside Dublin

If you are living outside the Dublin area, make an appointment to attend your local Registration Office to renew your application. You will need to bring your passport with you to verify your identity but it will not be stamped. Once your application is processed, the Immigration Officer will advise you how you will receive your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card.

For furter information please visit the INIS webiste.


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