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6 Best Autumn movies

By Tami Pereira / septembre 22, 2020

There’s no doubt that Autumn is the most nostalgic season. Orange leaves perfectly combined with the characteristic green landscape of Ireland. Stepping on them as a way to relax. Feeling the fresh cool air, new beginnings, hot chocolate. “Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong playing in the background and…best Autumn movies […]


Culture Night 2020: The ultimate route

By Tami Pereira / septembre 17, 2020

Ready for the most important cultural event in Dublin? This Friday you have no excuses. Go into the street and get immersed in Irish culture by many different online and offline activities. From 4 p.m. until late in the night (11:30 p.m. approx), Culture Night 2020 will make you feel connected to art again and […]


Get ready for pubs reopening: Fresh Irish music

By Tami Pereira / septembre 15, 2020

Are you ready for Irish pubs reopening on September 21st? I’m sure you all are. We all miss a good pint after work, surrounded by friends whilst listening with admiration to the person performing. Before they reopen, you can have a chance to listen to brand new Irish music.  Music inspires us and so did […]


From A to Z, best offline events of Culture Night 2020

By Tami Pereira / septembre 10, 2020

Tough times, creative mind. When was the last time you visited a museum? Or, actually, the last time you really wanted to go to an exhibition? Lockdown made us all more aware about how important culture is and Culture Night 2020 brings you the perfect day-plan on September 18th.  Culture Night is an annual public […]


Moving to Ireland (Expectations vs Reality)

By Tami Pereira / septembre 9, 2020

As a Spanish Erasmus student, moving to Ireland or another country was what I have been waiting for, for four years. The expectations were high: improving my English (whilst learning some Irish), meeting students from all around the world, feeling part of a community, going to the craziest parties and getting professional experience. But…did they […]


7 Spanish dishes to cook during the week

By Tami Pereira / septembre 8, 2020

Feeling hungry and tired of cooking the same dishes all over again? Babylon brings you 7 meals for 7 days, a culinary journey from home. Today, we will get into the delicious Spanish cuisine: 7 Spanish dishes for the week. This gastronomy is characterised by being one of the healthiest diets of the world and […]


Gratitude Journal: how to make yourself happier

By Tami Pereira / mai 27, 2020

We wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t have bad thoughts. Love and hatred both rule the world, but even the last one seems to be the more prevalent. When the balance tips so much on one side, the other option seems impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, starting a gratitude journal is a good beginning to restore […]


Earth Day: Positive effects of Coronavirus

By Tami Pereira / avril 22, 2020

These days, it seems like only bad news is allowed. This crisis is freaking us out more than ever but, as the proverb says, every cloud has a silver lining! Humanity and the environment finally feel closer to each other after two centuries of the Industrial Revolution, solidarity is on the rise again and Planet […]


Productive Quarantine: Develop Your Hidden Talents During Lockdown

By Tami Pereira / avril 11, 2020

There are two types of people during quarantine: the ones who watch Netflix all day and all night long and procrastinate and the ones that try to be productive. If you are part of the ‘productive quarantine’ group, keep reading, we have some ideas for you!   Playing an instrument Music heals. The vast majority […]


Top Instagram Livestreams during quarantine

By Tami Pereira / avril 8, 2020

Bored at home? Anxious? Wishing you could be at a concert or eating at one of your favorite restaurants? No worries, good news: you live in the age of social media! And Instagram is the app for artists, right? Or at least is full of people that inspire and are inspired by any kind of […]

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