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Dingle’s Sustainable Tourism Initiative Applauded by UN

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 21, 2021

As the world has seemingly come to a standstill in the last year, many of us still remember and yearn for the days we could travel and explore. Tourism and travelling abroad, as well as at home, had become a major business sector and for some – a way of life.  However, mass tourism has […]


EU’s Post Covid-19 Recovery Plan and What It Means for Ireland

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 17, 2021

This week, the European Parliament has been discussing the details of a recovery plan following the Covid-19 Pandemic. The EU is preparing massive investments to support people and businesses as Europe battles a deep economic recession. So, what exactly does this mean for the people of Ireland? Business Sectors Boosted by Covid Pandemic Is History […]


Having a Baby During the Pandemic? Here’s what you should know

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 14, 2021

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for parents mentally, financially, and physically, but what happens if the whole world is in disarray during a global pandemic? Following the disruption of Covid-19, people have had to adapt to new ways of life and practise unfamiliar social and health guidelines.  Potential Decrease in Mental Health for the […]


How to Overcome Nomophobia – The Addiction to Your Phone

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 12, 2021

Nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile device, is a growing fear in the modern world. People often turn to their phones while queuing up, waiting on public transport, when they find themselves in awkward social situations or simply out of boredom. Academic research has found that phones are one of the main obstacles […]


Cosplay: Breathing life into Art

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 9, 2021

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to be brought into a world where fictional characters come to life in the form of Cosplay. My guide was a bubbly Canadian girl with vivid bright green hair, echoing her interesting and vibrant personality, even when she is not in character. Within the Cosplay community she is known by […]


Street Art: Drawing the line between art and vandalism

By Ugne Aksiutovaite / January 5, 2021

Street art and graffiti resonate with a certain thrill and excitement from a world within our society that not everyone gets to experience firsthand. It may seem like a hobby, a big middle finger to the law or a form of expressionism but, what is it that tends to dictate how a city or town […]